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Bas Rutten, MMAWEEKLY's so called expert is just there to pick up a paycheck as he provides very little real insight.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, January 28th, the UFC will air its much awaited ‘UFC on FOX 2′ show featuring 3 main event level bouts to air on the FOX network.  The main event of Rashad Evans and Phil Davis and the co-headliner of Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping are both matches that will see the winner go on to earn a title shot.  The fights are truly compelling, but when I am looking around for last minute info, I find the reporting we get on the sport quite maudlin.  We need more.

Yes Dana White creates a feeling that you have inside access with his Twitter activity, blogs and overall expert use of social media.  But I wouldn’t trust what he says when it comes to picking a fight!

And the host of other sites big and small, they all really carry more or less the same information.  It is time that the media step up and report more in depth details, like they do in other major sports.

For instance, MMAWEEKLY is very highly regarded, has some star power in Bas Rutten and a good backer in Mark Cuban.  Look at my colleague’s piece on this weekend’s card -


Our guys at FIGHTHUB do a nice job, but look at the MMAWEEKLY graphic they flash.  Is that really what passes for expertise by Bas Rutten?  A graph of 4′s and 5′s in very general categories?   That is so lame, if I were Cuban I would withhold payment to Rutten.

The fight I really care about from a betting perspective is Sonnen versus Bisping.  I am stuck on it, just because Sonnen is such a heavy favorite that you really have to look again.

Bisping is a good fighter, and he has a knack for winning, as his excellent 22-3 record shows.  The last time Bisping submitted anyone in a fight was in 2005.   So the question is, will Bisping have a submission that he can use if the opportunity presents itself?  I am inclined to think yes, however the short lead time to the fight may affect Bisping’s preparation.

Because that is the one thing about Sonnen – he is maybe the toughest and most dangerous competitor in the division, but he has a tendency to expose himself and make mistakes – many of his eleven losses are by submission.   Sonnen did look sharp in his last outing where he used a rear named choke to take out Stann.

All in all I am still going to go with Sonnen in this one, but I do think that Bisping brings ‘gameness’ and a submitters chance to win the fight.

And you can decide for yourself on the Rashad-Davis fight, and good luck if you want to get insight from MMAWEEKLY.  Some day there will be the type of reporting that covers this as a true sport and gives you all the details, and not reporting that just regurgitates the hegemon’s press releases.


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