MMA Rumor: Brock Lesnar To Face Fedor Emilianenko?

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Lesnar's WWE appearances have also hinted at him having options. And the WWE has liberally used the UFC's name and association with Lesnar.

This week was slow for MMA, with a sort of moribund depression over the cancellation of UFC 151 bringing the business down.  But UFC President Dana White was talking again, and he had Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelinaenko on his mind.  One is pro wrestling and the other is perfecting his potato and bacon fat soup recipe in the Russian backwoods, so it is odd that the match was being talked about.  could it happen?

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It could happen, it will be costly, but none of the parties will rule it out outright.  The main issue is, too bad they couldn’t get this figured out say circa second half of 2009 when the match would have meant something. Now it is just a blatant cash grab of one guy who is 5-3 and another who is retired and is 3-3 in his last six fights.  Sounds more like a year of injuries and lower PPV numbers since Brock left have the UFC re-thinking things. Seems Fedor may not be the bum Dana always said he was.

If odds are ever made on this fight, I will take Fedor as the favorite.  The fact is that Fedor has been a lifelong competitor, whether it be MMA or Sombo, while Lesnar seems to prefer that he be scripted into the ALPHA role.

There is a way to lure Fedor out of retirement.  I know him, I have actually signed a contract with him to fight (Matt Lindland) and I did not overpay for him.  But the UFC could overpay him, and he will fight and he will take it serious as a heat attack.  $5 million will do it.

Should Fedor be the underdog, the books will be making a mistake.   Fedor may have Lesnar’s opening rush to handle, but is he really gonna get caught in a power kimura?

What Fedor will show with ample technique is what it looks like when a fighter faces a fraud.

That the UFC needs a fight like this and is willing to make it shows they are not the NFL or NBA, they are not a purely competitive league,.

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