MMA: STRIKEFORCE Medical Exams Invalid – PED Issues Again

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Ronda Rousey has added a lot of muscle while trimming fat since she started in MMA. She don't look like that anymore!

Earlier this week, the news came out of California that the PED testing for STRIKEFORCE’s last event had been labelled ‘invalid’.  No real explanation from the commission, just some generic talk about the controls around the specimens.  I’m curious, does this mean some Assistant Commissioner left the peepee unattended in his car trunk while he fattened up at a Carl’s Jr?  You can add incompetence on the logistical end to the reasons that the state commissions have no business being involved in drug testing.  Let me spew a theory and some conspiracy at ya…

As far as marketing and mainstream recognition, Ronda Rousey, who fought on that STRIKEFORCE card, has done her job – she is likely one of the most recognizable athletes in all of MMA.  But a lot about her has changed since she hit the sport, and I’m talking about physically.

She is popular, so few will speculate, so let me be the first to ask…  Is Ronda on the horsemeat?  Or is she getting more mule hormone than the veterinarian at the Grand Canyon?  Or is she just a great athlete that turned it up a notch in the conditioning department when she came to MMA?  Sadly, the last option is really the least likely.

Let’s face it, as a judoka she was subject to stiffer testing than the rinky dink commissions will ever do.  Even mighty Nevada does not test the athletes at the Olympic and International amateur levels, which suck too by the way.  She was bigger and weaker and MUCH less muscle bound than she is now when she medaled in Judo at the Olympics.

Others may start asking some of the same questions.  And denial flows in all different forms, her attacks against PED use and known PED user Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos mean nothing in terms of the answer to the question.

This is why the failure on the part of the CSAC is such a problem – they cant police this.

Jon Jones just signed a deal with Nike.  Rousey is certainly more marketable than the upstate NY townie with the slow drawl….

She is worth big money, either she will lift the sport of women’s MMA into the mainstream, or at the least she will milk it for a few million and market herself.  And money is the root of all evil, they say.

In major league baseball, in the 60′s, do you think anyone could have envisioned the existence of a laboratory like BALCO specifically created to break the rules?

It is something worth following up on as to why the CSAC specifically declared the tests for STRIKEFORCE invalid, because of Rousey’s involvement.  She may be MMA’s most marketable commodity, no questions like this should be left open.

Or else, end the farce of testing and let the athletes go ahead and do what they want.  At the end of the day, that may be the only solution.



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