MMA Talk: What is Next For EDDIE ALVAREZ?

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Eddie Alvarez is set to field offers for his services. The UFC and Bellator square off once again for top talent.

Here is something that the sportbooks may want to set a line on – will Eddie Alvarez sign with the UFC, or will he stay on with Bellator?  Will a third choice arise?  It will be interesting to see, because Alvarez has been making good money, and at 28 in the prime of his career, Alvarez is going to field some very interesting offers…

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Immediately after last weekend’s resounding KO of Patricky Freire, Alvarez received a TWITTER from UFC President Dana White saying ‘Let’s talk’.  If Alvarez fielded any offers from Bellator before the fight, he certainly chose to wait so he could talk with the UFC.

Now ther eis word that VIACOM, the company that owns Bellator, wants to talk with Alvarez directly.

Alvarez does want to be known as the best, and he does want to face top competition, but his number one priority is and always will be providing for his family.   Though he has made good money, he likely is at the point where this may be the biggest deal of his career.  He will be wise to get as much as he can.

The third options, namely an overseas group like ONE FC or the upstart World Series of Fighting in Vegas, are really not viable.  Neither is as stable as the Bellator or UFC options, and both will likely bow out when they hear the numbers involved.

Keep in mind, Alvarez is a guy who has made six figures to fight from just his fight contract already on several occasions.  With perks and sponsorships over a multi fight deal, you are likely talking close to 7 figures to sign this kid.

All things being equal, Alvarez goes to the UFC.  If VIACOM comes with an over the top offer that the UFC chooses not to match, then Alvarez will have a little bit of a decision to make.  But for a kid from south Philly who comes from humble roots, VIACOM does have a shot with an over the top offer.

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