MMA Time Machine – Did Maurice Smith Fight This Weekend?

I remember the early days of MMA, and I remember the historic moments that kickboxer Maurice Smith gave us, in both  the UFC (when he KO’d Mark Coleman) and in the Battlecade Extreme Challenge event (when he KO’d Conan Silveira).  Here was one of the first strikers who was able to keep the wrestler or jiu jitsu expert at bay, and the sport owes him a huge debt for showing a striker can beat a grappler.  Smith is an important historic figure in the sport of MMA, which is why I was both pissed off and deeply saddened that Smith, at age 50, competed in an ‘MMA’ match this past weekend.  Smith took on relative unknown Jorge Cordoba, and pulled off a head kick KO in the third round for the win.

But for the love of the sport of MMA, let this be his last fight.  And to all promoters out there – the geriatric league of MMA is absolutely not cool.  Stop hiring the Dan Severn, Maurice Smith, Bob Sapp types that are grabbing a check and have no hope of ever being in the UFC.

Ok, it is 17 minutes (very long) but here is Maurice Smith’s latest MMA effort, against Cordoba:


One thing is for sure, Maurice looks pretty good for his age, but is anyone, any fan going to watch that match and get excited over the sport of MMA?

It reminds me of going to see the Rolling Stones in the 80′s.  In preparation I watched videos of the old Stones, I watched ‘Gimme Shelter’, I got to really know the music.  And then seeing them in the 80s, was like, man these guys got old.

So to all the promoters out there, watch this.  Do you think this promoter is thrilled over this match?  Did he have a room full of satisfied customers, or were most people watching this mismatch like ‘what the hell is this crap’?

I heard commentator, former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver talk about a Masters Division.  That is because you can add Pulver onto the lists of old, passed their day fighters who are grabbing paychecks.  Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, there are many others.

So don’t be fooled by the fact that Smith doesn’t have a lot of mileage on his body, that he looked decent and he knows how to fight.  But look at it – with respect to Cordoba, the kid is a middleweight in a lightheavyweight shell, facing a full blown heavyweight.  There was no reason to do this match.


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