More Bellator Mess – Lombard to Take On Babaloo?

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Hector Lombard will never fulfill his potential while he is with Bellator.

So in the past few weeks there could be no more ample proof that Bellator FC and their President Bjorn Rebney are nothing but a ‘B’ class organization, if that.

First the past few weeks have come with a series of announcements, supposedly of pending signings.   You see, this fool Rebney does press releases on verbal agreements.  Dana White is going to need to get Depends as a sponsor, he must be peeing himself laughing.

Now comes the announcement that they are looking to make a match for their 185 lb champion Hector Lombard at 205 lbs against Renato Sobral, also known as ‘Babaloo’.  This may be the single biggest sign that the company doesn’t know what they are doing.

First of all, Lombard is there 185 lb champion.  The company has done nothing to develop the weight class and can present him with no credible opposition at that weight.  Perhaps the most talented fighter besides Lombard in the division is Alexander Schlemenko, who took Lombard the distance a year ago, but a rematch is not that interesting.

Additionally, Lombard has been dominant at 185 lbs, but has talked about fighting at 170 lbs, as he is a bit blown up and musclebound.  Suffice to say that when he moves on to bigger and better things, we may see him at 170 lbs.

Bellator’s inability to get Lombard, who is one of their best assets, any competition has seen them pimp him out to other organizations to keep him busy.  When was the last time you saw someone under a UFC contract fight for another organization because they couldn’t get him work?  I guess Bjorn and Bellator want to eventually have him back under the companies flag, but this fight makes no sense.

So why would you put him in with a burnt out veteran at 205 lbs who could win?  ’Babaloo’ is a dangerous fighter, especially to a guy like Lombard who will be smaller.  I give Hector credit as a competitor, he is willing to do the fight and he might win.  But it is just the worst management and matchmaking that could be done.

Thankfully in typical Bjorn fashion, the match was ‘verbally’ agreed to with Sobral, but there is no contract yet.  It is hopefully unlikely we will see it, since the Sobral camp has supposedly been incommicado for almost a week.  But it does make you wonder how long this dog and pony show at Bellator will last with the type of management they are putting on display.  It is just sad.

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