More From Boxing’s Farcical Side: Shane Mosley versus Paulie Malignaggi…

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Shane Mosley (right9 in his last win, 4 yeaqrs ago against Antonio Margarito.

Shane Mosley may not be done in a boxing ring yet.  It is frightening to even write, but Mosley is apparently considering a return to the ring against Paulie Malignaggi in 2013. The last fight Mosley won was back in January of 2009 against Antonio Margarito.  Since then he is 0-3-1 and he has been a shadow of his former self.  Malignaggi is on a five fight win streak after dropping his match with Amir Khan, and he was in line for a payday in the Ricky Hatton comeback before that derailed.  Malignaggi’s handlers are apparently desperate looking for one geriatric wanker (Hatton) or any other old, burnt out folk they can find….

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Malignaggi is really of the least importance in this equation.  he is a good little boxer with a lot of heart and a nice backing, but he doesn’t hit very hard and is viewed as a beatable opponentby top notch guys.  Apparently the Hatton and Mosley types of the world feel he can’t hurt them, so they can hunt him down while walking thru punches.

Ricky Hatton looked well past his prime in his big comeback, where he lost to Vyascheslav Senchenko, but hatton remains one of England’s most popular boxers and you can almost be 100 percent sure that he will box again.

So the Malignaggi-Mosley fight materializes and the winner gets Ricky Hatton.  Either opponent will have to go to England to face Hatton and earn that paycheck, but Paulie had been counting on the payday and Mosley has shown that he will prostitute himself and his career for a paycheck already.

There are other fighters that could join this group of aging veterans.  Miguel Cotto will soon be ready for the scrap heap.  Amir Khan awaits with his glass head in Britian for Hatton or any of the list above.   Even the great Manny Pacquiao, who will be fighting Juan Manuel Marquez again next, might be ready soon to add to the ‘masters’ division.  Marquez too.  Masters is another way of say old has beens.

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