More Grappling: Bruno Malfacine Takes On Jeff Glover!

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Jeff Glover applies the knee bar for the finish in a previous grappling competition against multi time world champion Robson Moura.

This weekend’s World Jiu JItsu Expo features Superfights in grappling on both days.  One of the matches that could be the most exciting of the weekend features American Grappling ace Jeff Glover taking on 5x BJJ World Champion Bruno Malfacine.  Right now, BETDSI has Malfacine a strong (-350) favorite, with the comeback on Glover coming in at (+290).   Unlike many of the other American competitors on the card who also compete in MMA, Glover has been strictly a grappler who has made a lot of impact in the last 10 years, and he has beaten guys with resumes like Malfacine before.

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Glover has not only defeated several black belts and world champions he has submitted more than one as well.   At the ADCC 2011, he submitted Robson Moura with a vicious submission, and at the inaugural Expo, he took out 7x time world champion Caio Terra.  Moura may be a bit past his prime, but finishing him is still impressive, and Terra is at the top of his game, so Glover as an underdog may warrant a look.

The fact is that Malfacine is a flyweight at 126 lbs in JJ competition, so Glover will be a bit bigger while probably ceding a speed advantage.  Malfacine has both beaten and lost to Caio Terra in his competition career, so Glover’s win over Terra last year shows he is probably too big an underdog for this one.

Malfacine is a multiple time JJ Champion, and his competition wins soared when he moved to train under Fabio Gurghel, the same man who gave us Marcelo Garcia.  That he works constantly to take the back in his matches is one of his most effective attacks.  He is 4-2 overall in 6 fights with Terra, but he never scored a submission over him.  Neither could Glover, which suggests that the skill stalemate will lead to a decision in this one and not a finish.  Heading to the judges, if a bigger Glover has been able to hold top position and not give up points, he could win this fight.


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