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Caio Terra is one of the top grapplers in the world today.

BETDSI continues to be the only book out there that is taking action on Grappling and Jiu Jitsu.  The METAMORIS III odds for the March 29th event have been up for several weeks, and this past week odds were put up for the upcoming PAN JIU JITSU CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 Tournament scheduled for Irvine, California March 12th to the 16th.

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The odds that BETDSI has up is for the majority of the black belt divisions, and there are some major long odds on some of the longer shots in the tournament.  Again, my feeling is that there are many people who know grappling and jiu jitsu better than the people making the odds, so a careful look at the field is needed.

One very rare oddity.  I checked the PAN JIU JITSU website, and Caio Terra, the phenom from the lighter weights over the last few years, is listed as a competitor in the Ultra Heavyweight class.  Now either this is a very large typo or it is truly an oddity.

Terra is a dangerous competitor, and in grappling a fast competitor has certain edges against bigger opponents.  In the ADCC Championships, Marcelo Garcia never broke through and won the Absolute division, that always weight to a 220 lber or so.  With a gi, it will be that much harder for Terra to not get grabbed and grounded, but the odds for Terra to win are at +15000!  That means you can take home $1500 for a $10 bet, and you never get odds like that with any type of shot.

If it is a typo, well, we will be back to look at the field of competitors later, but Terra´s appearance in the Ultra Heavyweights would not only be interesting to those who watch the competition, it could make for an interesting payout at BETDSI if he is actually able to pull of a win.


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