More MMA History – The Most Brutal Tournament Of All Time!

This is what things were like in November of 1995. Check this out!

So let’s recap. There is an absolutely brutal KO, and the victim’s corner complains about an illegal blow. Now let’s forget about the fact that THEY THROW IN THE TOWEL as their guy twitches on the mat, let’s just complain until we confuse the promoters into giving us one more chance.  I wonder what the details of the rules were for this show anyway. Rather than issue a DQ or a No Contest, the fight is allowed to continue until it is stopped by the referee because his nose is broken.

The show was a 32 man, single elimination tournament held in Russia.  Several fighters that would impact the world scene would appear in the tournament in a field where the skill level may have been the most varied in the history of modern MMA.

The fighter in the above match is Igor Vovchanchin, at the start of his MMA career.  Despite not fighting in the UFC or in the USA, Vovchanchin went on from the above to  become a certain MMA hall of famer.  Well, on SHERDOG, the official results give Vovchanchin 2 wins over Lima, like they fought twice that day.  They list the first fight as a TKO, then the second as a stoppage.  Igor might really only be 54-10 in his career, depending on whether he should get two wins for the above video.

The tournament also featured a Sombo specialist name Mikhail Ilhkouine.  It would be Ilhkouine who would eliminate Vovchanchin.  He was old at this point, a known Sombo fighter in Russia who had won the previous tournament held in July of 1995, but truly a high skilled tough guy.

The tournament was won by Brazilian Ricardo Morais is a war with Ilhkouine after 5 matches in a one day period.  If you look at the conditions, with rules that are vague, and no gloves, you begin to appreciate a bit what the rules and regulations that have developed do for the credibility as a sport.

Vovchanchin had a very trying tournament.  In the first round, he fought a guy who in 1995 had shorts on from the late 70′s, a striped, sleeveless shirt and socks pulled up all the way.  After some stand up circling with few punches, the opponent rushes Igor, who deftly steps aside and pushes his opponent to the ground.    The opponent snapped his arm like a twig, and Igor went through in the tournament.

Tra Telligman, a UFC veteran from Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den won his fight, but didn’t return due to a broken hand.  Maxim Tarasov was another Russian with a lot of skill for that era, who went on to end his MMA career with a very respectable 15-4 mark.

The bottom line is the tournament had a lot of skill for it’s time, but was brutal on many different levels.  Rules aside, this was not 3 fights in one day, but five.  When this video tape made the underground rounds back in 1995, it had the MMA hardcores abuzz.  I wish I still had my copy, I would make a Sunday out of watching the whole thing!

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