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Jay R Palmer, aggression personified. Picture from the Onzuka archive, thanks guys.

Periodically I’ve been looking back at some old school fights in these blogs, and I must say it has been fun.  My purpose is mainly for newer fans to see how refined the sport has become, because it was a lot more raw in the old days.  There is a reason the unified rules are in place.  This fight is one of the reasons that headstomps are not allowed to a downed opponent.  Check this out -

This is Jay R Palmer taking on Maurice Corty in 1996, at TJ Thompson’s Superbrawl event in Hawaii.  When a history of MMA is truly written, TJ and Superbrawl will deserve a very nice chapter, as they were certainly pioneers of the sport from it’s early inception.

Many of the sports bigger stars from the early days made there debuts at Superbrawl.  Frank Shamrock did his first true MMA match in Superbrawl, as Pancrase where he fought in Japan was not truly MMA with it’s open hand striking rules.  Many of the old Lion’s Den fighters debuted there, as did many of Matt Hume’s Pankration guys.

Nowadays, things are different.  I recently watched a Jeff Monson fight, and for a grappler his boxing is pretty developed.  But then again he has trained for years with Howard Davis, a gold medalist Olympic boxer.  Things were not the same in 1996.

This match with Palmer and Corty is purely an old school grappler versus striker match.  I believe the general consenus will be that grappling has it’s advantages, but in this particular bout, Palmer who is the striker was the far better athlete and his aggression won the day.  The ending of this bout is simply something that is outside the rules of MMA today, and it is probably a good thing.  But it is a part of history and it should be seen by the hardcore fans.

The video above is on Youtube, and it is the official Superbrawl match with commentary.  I remember way back in 1996 receiving this video from a tape made in the audience.   I can tell you this, Corty didn’t move for several minutes.

And if your a fan of this old school stuff, spend some time looking up Jay R Palmer as well.  The guy has a sub .500 record, but in the early part of his career was one of the most exciting guys out there.  He delivered some ass whoopings, and he sure took some too.

Take advantage of the fact that the sport is modern and we can see this stuff first hand for ourselves, and that it just doesn’t become stories.


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