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ADCC Submission Fighting World Championships 2013 – Beijing, China, October 19th and 20th.

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Fighting World Championships are scheduled for October 19th and 20th in Beijing, China.  The lines are expected up at BETDSI, so take a look at the current backets at the ADCC Page.

Previously we mentioned the details available on the Superfights, but here we review the full event for those getting to know the ADCC.

The ‘event’ consists of 6 tournaments of 16 men in single elimination combat.  There are also two women’s weight classes, but the format is generally the same, including an ‘Absolute’ tourney.

It takes 4 wins to win one of the 5 initial tournaments in weight classes that are 10 kilos apart (66 KG, 77 KG, 88kg, 98KG and a Heavyweight class).  After the 5 tournament champions are decided, a 16 man open weight class tournament is picked from among the competitors, and a final ‘Absolute’ weight tournament is held.

The tournaments appear to be wide open this year, with many of 2011′s champions not returning.  Andre Galvao, who won his weight class and the Absolute tournament, has graduated to a superfight, and 77 KG all time great Marcelo Garcia, who won his division again in 2011 is not on the list yet.  Interestingly, it appears that former UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson is in the under 7 KG class bracket as well.

Another name to watch in the under 88 KG class is Dean Lister.  Lister won the Absolute tournament at the ADCC 2003 event, but he has been up and down as an MMA artist ever since.  Nevertheless he is extremely talented and could be the favorite in that weight class.

The ADCC reserves big name announcements for very late in the game, as the committee involved in selection and replacement has a difficult job in managing a competition with over 100 competitors.  Look for more announcements and surprises from the ADCC in the coming days.

At under -65.9 KG, Rafael Mendes is the returning champion to what is traditionally one of the most stacked and competitive weight classes.  The under 77 KG class has Kron Gracie returning.  The son of the legendary Rickson Gracie, Kron was ousted my Garcia in the semi finals in 2011.

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