More on the Metamoris 3 Grappling Event Coming in March!

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Keenan Cornelius (on the top, in blue) has been one of the hottest grapplers in the world since bursting onto the scene as a purple belt in 2012.

March 29th of this year brings us the Metamoris 3 grappling event from Los Angeles, California and BETDSI is the only book on the planet with odds up!  The main event features a legendary rematch between Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo, but the rest of the matches that are getting odds also feature some of the best grapplers in the world.  Rafael Mendes will face off against Clark Gracie in a showdown of BJJ instructors from Brazil that have academies in California, and America’s top active grappler today Keenan Cornelius takes on Vinny Magalhaes in a matchup filled with potential.

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Cornelius is the young gun in this fight, as his rise started with a seven submission performance at the BJJ Worlds in 2012 as a purple belt. Magalhaes is a veteran who earned his black belt almost 10 years ago with an impressive 10 submission performance as a brown belt, and he has gone on to compete in several disciplines, including MMA.  He owns several wins by flying arm bar (including one over UFC champion Chris Weidman), which at his size is impressive.  The way the books have it, the most likely outcome is a draw in their 20 minute encounter at (-200).  The two submission aces will be looking to finish, with the numbers showing Cornelius at (+160) and Magalhaes at (+140).

The match between Rafael Mendes and Clark Gracie has similar odds, with the draw sitting at (-160). Mendes is the slight favorite at (+110) and Gracie gets (+160) at the books.  The Gracie name is still very seriously regarded in grappling circles, but it also does not hold the gravitas it did 15 years ago and being a Gracie is not a recipe for sure success in 2014.  With that said, Clark both has a lot to prove and deserves credit for coming out to compete.

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