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UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar

At UFC 136, Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar 3 turned out to be a gritty, grueling and great fight.  Edgar pulled out the KO in round 4, retaining his lightweight championship after what was a serious challenge.  As has  been the case in their other battles, Maynard has stormed out and done a lot of damage in round 1, but it has proven time and again to not be enough to take out Frankie Edgar.  The kid is tough.

The main thing I have been complaining about here in my blogs played out.  Yes it was an exciting fight, but it comes down to who is in better shape, who can attrit his opponent more, and not to any real technique.  That may not be completely fair to say, since Edgar is proving to be a very good boxer for MMA, but once the fight started, was there ever even a hope of a submission?

And that is what is missing especially from the lightweights, where technical fighters are expected.

This time, Edgar was able to finish and that is a good thing.  Even Dana White has talked about it a lot, and I have no faith in judges in MMA.  Cecil Peoples?  I’m not gonna insult the man, but near retard is the best description I can come up with for him.

But Edgar finished on a rugged ref stop, punches in a flurry.  There is really nothing artful about the way Edgar fights.  He may be the toughest 155 lber on the planet today, but his style just isn’t appealing.

And it is weird, it happened in the Jose Aldo versus Kenny Florian fight too.  Aldo did earn the mount twice, but the submssion attempts?  They just weren’t  there.  I knew Aldo’s JJ would be better, though Florian is highly skilled, but it prove a non factor in that no one tried anything but to grind and attrit his opponent.

So I guess this goes back to Joe Luazon.  The kid has the right attitude when it comes to trying to get out of a fight.  Face it a lot of guys have the techniques, it is a sport where everyone is in the gym.  But how many guys apply what they know in the actual fight?  Edgar retained his belt, Aldo retained his belt, it is Luazon who deseves all the bonuses.

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