NBA Betting: Friday Betting Preview

The NBA season is at the point which tests the competitive mettle of its teams, which are feeling the weight of pressure and the heavy legs that go along with the relentless march of games.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Charlotte Bobcats 

Friday, 7:05 PM ET

NBA Basketball Betting Odds: Timberwolves -1

The Timberwolves and Bobcats both have relatively similar records, but one team plays in the Western Conference and the other in the Eastern Conference, so it’s not as though these two teams can easily be seen as the same kind of example. The Bobcats, weirdly enough, are more likely to make the playoffs just because the East has been so extremely bad this season. Yet, that shouldn’t mean that Charlotte is a better team – only that it’s in a better position than Minnesota. The Timberwolves, with Kevin Love on the floor, have the best player in this game, and Love has enough help from teammates such as Ricky Rubio and Kevin Martin that Minnesota should be able to get the kinds of shots it wants against the Charlotte defense. If you had to lean in one direction in this game, the Timberwolves would probably be the better NBA betting choice, even though they’re on the road.

Pick: Minnesota

Washington Wizards @ Orlando Magic

Friday, 7:05 PM ET

NBA Basketball Betting Odds: Wizards -4.5

The Wizards are just barely over .500, which isn’t an accomplishment when looking at the NBA and the Eastern Conference as a whole, but when looking at the Washington franchise over the past few decades, it’s definitely something to celebrate for the locals in the nation’s capital city. Washington has needed five years to get to a winning record this late in the season. John Wall and Bradley Beal have definitely upgraded this team and have grown into their roles after a few challenging seasons in the pros. The maturation of young talent has finally begun to pay off in Washington, making the Wizards a lot better than they have been in the past. Orlando remains one of the poorer teams in the NBA. The Magic just don’t play very good defense, making them a team Washington should be able to rip through on a regular basis. Wall should be able to get to the basket, and Beal should be able to get plenty of open shots. Washington definitely deserves to be seen as the basketball betting favorite here.

Pick: Washington

Indiana Pacers @ Philadelphia 76ers

Friday, 7:05 PM ET

NBA Basketball Betting Odds: Pacers -16.5

It has been a persistent story in the NBA over the past two weeks, one that won’t go away and probably doesn’t figure to go away anytime soon. What’s wrong with the Indiana Pacers? The team that has been regarded as the best challenger to the Miami Heat on the road to the NBA championship suddenly can’t play very well, especially on defense, where Indiana is usually so strong. The Pacers have lost games by lopsided scores and have not at least shown an ability to play well in one half of a game. If the offense is bad, the defense doesn’t answer. If the defense is bad, the offense doesn’t pick up the slack. Can the Philadelphia 76ers, a team that’s been losing games nonstop for a month, beat Indiana? Probably not… but the game might be interesting for two and a half quarters.

Pick: Indiana

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