NBA Betting: Slam Dunk Contest Preview

The Slam Dunk Contest continues to be the jewel of All-Star Saturday and even though it isn’t what it used to be, this year’s contest has the potential to be the best in recent memory. Let’s take a look at it from an NBA betting perspective:

Toronto’s Terrence Ross (2/1) is the defending champion and favorite, and he put his name on the map as a rookie last year by winning the contest with an exceptional set of dunks. He has been known as a long-distance shooter this season, but he has also thrown it down on a few big men and shouldn’t be overlooked. Next up is Golden State’s Harrison Barnes (7/2) and Sacramento’s Ben McLemore (7/2), who are both having tough seasons, although McLemore gets a pass as a rookie and he has been playing better recently. This could be the spark to their season if they can have a good night.

Portland’s Damian Lillard (4/1), Indiana’s Paul George (5/1) and Washington’s John Wall (9/2) round out the field in New Orleans, starting with George, who has thrown down a few huge windmills on fast breaks in recent weeks and is probably the biggest name in the contest, which helps him out a little as the NBA likes their big names to shine on All-Star Weekend. Wall is probably the second-biggest name in the contest as he has been in the spotlight since his time at Kentucky, and he has really taken the leap to the next level. He has definitely learned the point-guard position and isn’t just an athletic beast anymore, but he gets to show that he still has some hops on Saturday. Finally, Lillard steps up as the shortest competitor at 6’3”, an inch shorter than Wall, but he has surprised some with his jumping ability and he could be an excellent darkhorse to ride on Saturday night.

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