NBA: Eastern Finals Looking Moe and More Like Celtics versus Heat!

On Tuesday, the Miami Heat went home and the blew out the Indiana Pacers.  Despite the fact that the Pacers had built a bit of momentum earlier in the week and had some perceived advantage in size and depth, the Heat have strung together two dominant games in a row.  Was the ‘Big Two’ of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade enough to carry the Heat was the big question that everyone was asking after Chris ‘Boshtritch’ Bosh went down.  For the last two games, the answer has been a resounding YES!

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One thing that seems apparent is that Danny Granger‘s tough guy act has backfired.  And to be honest with you, I give the guy all the credit in the world for trying to get into the face of Wade and James, for playing a rugged brand of basketball.  But he has racked up technical fouls throughout the series, and the Heat have pointed to his antics as motivation.  If the last two games are any indication, they have been.

Again how the winds change in the NBA.  Earlier in the series, there was so much talk about Roy Hibbert’s size and how he had no one to match up with him in the post.  There was even media talk of a MAX CONTRACT for Hibbert!  Hibbert has dissappeared completely over the last two games, scoring 10 and 8 point respectively and generally disappearing when his club needed him the most.  It isn’t Dwight Howard in the post, it is Ronny Turiaf, so Hibbert has completely crapped the bed, and is definitely not max contract material no matter how big he is.

The Celtics too, look to have established a comfort zone over the 76′ers as they are up 3-2 going into an elimination game.   Superstar Kevin Garnett, a sure hall of famer, has ratcheted up the rhetoric and bad mouthed the Philly fans as they head there in a critical game 6.

Brandon Bass was a pleasant surprise in the last game, adding some diversity to their attack, and point guard Rajon Rondo has been stellar as usual.

In the next round will Bass continue to breakthrough or will he pull a ‘Hibbert’ and fall asleep at the buffet?  I don’t think Garnett will let him.

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