NBA Finals – Miami Looks To Finish What They Started

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Lebron James has the Heat one win away from an NBA title.

Well, Miami took a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals by keeping the home field advantage  and taking out the Oklahoma City Thunder in a tight ball game last night.  A lot of what was expected in the series has come to fruition.  Now the series switches back to OKC, where it will be interesting to see if the Thunder have any life left in them, or if we are one Heat win away from Lebron James’ first NBA title.  Things are not looking good for the Thunder, however.

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Several things have played out according to expectations, such as Russell Westbrook at times playing out of control, that Scott Brooks might not have that big an advantage over Eric Spoelstra in terms of adjustments, and that the Heat would benefit from the return of Chris Bosh.

But the big factor that was talked about was how Lebron James disappears in critical situations, especially at the end of games.  Most of the Miami haters, myself included, wanted nothing more than to see ‘King’ James melt once again under the pressure, and for him to have to deal with the fallout of that failure.

Well, so far in this finals, it has not happened.

Frankly, James has been spectacular, and he has been doing it under more pressure than possibly any other athlete has faced in terms of scrutiny and over analysis of his every move.

Lebron has scored, he has rebounded he has gotten his assists and he has been a lockdown defender on OKC star Kevin Durant.  He has also avoided the perception that he is shying away from carrying his team.

For game 5, OKC goes back to their home court, where they are 1-1 in these finals.  Do they have anything left in the tank, or are they going to roll over and bequeath the title to James and the Heat?

Her eis how it will go down – The OKC Thunder will pull off a game 5 victory, but right now it looks to be setting up what most of America outside of Miami NEVER wanted to see – a Heat coronation on their home floor in game 6.


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