NBA Playoff Betting Predictions: New York Knicks vs Miami Heat

NBA Playoff Betting Predictions: New York Knicks vs Miami Heat


Hopefully tonight we get a better effort from the New York Knicks than the one they put in on Saturday’s 100-67 stomping the Heat put on them in Miami. BetDSI Sportsbook current live lines display the Miami Heat a -10 point favorite over the Knicks in tonights matchup.

It was a terrible performane put in by the New York Knicks in the last matchup and not all of it fell on Carmelo Anthony who shot an awful 3-15 from the floor and missed both his three point shots. Amare Stoudemire put up a bunch of bricks too hitting only two of seven shots. About the only player that had a respectable game would be Baron Davis who hit 4 -6 from the paint and 2-4 from behind the arc.

In all New York shot a pitiful 33.3% from the floor and only hit 7 out of 21 three point attempts. If they did not shoot 10 for 11 from the foul line the scoreboard would be even uglier. It gets worse, the Knicks managed to turn over the rock 27 times, you just simply cannot do that against the Heat and all their play makers.

The Miami Heat made 48.6% from the field in the contest, hit 8 three-point attempts out of 21, they could of shot a little better from the foul line ( they went there a lot ) hitting 24 of 33. Their defense was rock solid with twelve steals on the night, they also blocked four shots.

Leading the contest in scoring was Miami’s Lebron James with 32 points shooting a nice 10 of 14 from the floor and nailing his only three-point shot. He also had four rebounds, three assists, and two steals. Dwayne Wade shot 8 of 13 ending up with 19 points on the night to go with six rebounds and three assists. As usual the scoring isn’t particularly deep behind those two if Chris Bosh isn’t hitting his shots, he went 3-7 for 9 points and six rebounds. Apart from Lebron and Wade only Mario Chalmers put up double digit points with 11 to go with a game high nine assists.

 NBA Playoffs Betting Predictions: The Miami Heat at only -10 seems very right against the New York Knicks after their performance the other day. Look for the Heat to come out and dominate at home again.

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