NBA Playoffs Series Betting

NBA Playoffs Series Betting



 The NBA Playoffs are in full swing with some competitive first round matches, and BetDSI Sportsbook provides NBA Playoffs Series Betting throughout the Playoffs. You can place a wager at anytime during the series giving you a huge price if you can find a dog a game or two back.

Curretly on the live lines board the smallest favorites to win their series are the Memphis Grizzlies at -200 over the Philadelphia Clippers +170, and the Los Angeles Lakers -200 over the Denver Nuggets +170. After that you have the Boston Celtics at -220 over the Atlanta Hawks +180. The biggest dogs are the Utah Jazz at +1200 going up against the San Antonio Spurs who put in a dominant ending to their regular season.

Yesterday the Chicago Bulls beat the Philadelphia 76ers 103-91 at home, but lost star Derrick Rose to a leg injury. Chicago is a whole different team without Rose and I would look for a great price going against them with the Los Angles Clippers just one game behind.

The Miami Heat put a hurting 100-67 at home against the New York Knicks… it was not pretty. Miami scored pretty much at will shooting close to .500. While the Orlando Magic found a way to win in the post-season without Dwight Howard in a surprising 81-77 win on the road against the Indiana Pacers in the first game of the series.

I really like the Boston Celtics against the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs, they seem to have Atlanta’s number this time of year, although I am partial to the Celtics growing up in Rhode Island. I also love the Los Anglees Lakers over the Denver Nuggets…. I never bet against Kobe anymore.

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