NBA: Rockets The New Power in The West?

The NBA post season has been vibrant, with a great deal of shuffling among contenders and the lottery bound alike.  None of the transactions made by teams changes the fact that the rest of the league will continue to chase the Heat.  Even the Houston Rockets, who signed superstar center Dwight Howard to pair with James Harden, will find themselves looking up at the Heat at the end of the year.  The question is, have the Rockets done enough to even get to the finals?

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The Rockets and their vaunted front office do deserve credit for going for it and snapping up Howard, who is a true talent when he is focused, and even when he is not all there he is still the best center in the league.  Combine that with the coup of trading for harden last year, and the Rockets have been on a roll.

There is no doubt Harden is a special player, and he might be capable of willing his team to a title, similar to Dwayne Wade‘s run with the Heat back 7 years or so ago.

It will have to be Harden who does it, with Howard as a number two, because his track record as a lead layer is terrible.  All the catering to his ego and all the media attention over the last two years as he flaked his way through free agency didn’t help.  Now we are left with a player who thinks he is a type A number 1 option type of player, but he is not.

Howard was the lead player when the 08 Orlando magic made the finals, and as the Lakers buttoned down and got to business, they slowly cut the throat og the Magic, defeating them in 5 games.  What was most disconcerting was Howard’s lack of leadership.  He laughed and appeared to take the high point of games as a big joke.  Flashback to last season with the Lakers, and Howard was agian unable to lead, even after Kobe Bryant’s injury.  He remained aloof and uncommitted, and no one took him to task for it.

The west is diminished, but the possibility of a Conference finals between the Lakers and the Rockets would certainly be an interesting series, before we crown the Heat again.



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