NBA: There is a Beast in the East….

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Chris Bosh is known as the ‘Bostritch’ to some of his detractors, but it is not going to stop the Heat from winning another championship.

A few summers back when the big three of Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James got together and signed to play together for the Miami Heat, the backlash was almost universal.  Some said it would not work, and they would not fulfill the “not one championship, not two, not three, not four” etc etc or whatever it was James said.  Even after they won the title last year, there were those that wanted to put an * on the championship because of the shortened year.  Well, the time is growing short when no excuses can be made, as the Heat are the odds on favorite to win a second title in the NBA.

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The Heat are so far above the rest of the competition in the east, that it is practically a given that they will advance to the finals.

The New York Knicks have looked good and they are up 3-1 on the Celtics, who are in agonizing death throes, and Carmelo Anthony has at times looked like a world beater at times, but he will need help against the Heat.  In the Celtic series, Anthony is the best player on the court, against the Heat he is the third best player on the court.

The Indiana Pacers are in a 2-2 fight with Atlanta.  Both teams have some talent, but neither team can claim to be better than they were last year.  They were no match for the Heat last year and the gap ha widened if anything.

Brooklyn is struggling with Chicago and in fact may lose the series to the Bulls.  The Bulls have long been written off without superstar point guard Derrick Rose, and he is still out.   Though Brooklyn has big time ambitions, they should look at this as a good year from where they were last year.  A new home, Brook Lopez blossomed and the core of Joe Johnson, Lopez and Deron Williams will have a full season under their belts going into next year.  But contenders now?  Not even close.

So the finals are going to be the Heat vs the Spurs, if you were taking bets …..

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