NBA WEST – Looks Like Spurs and Thunder Coming Out!

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Professor Tim Duncan has been dishing out lessons to young Blake Griffin.

Out West, the finals are looking more and more like it will be a matchup between the veteran San Antonio Spurs and the young guns of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The two Los Angeles teams facing them, the Clippers and the Lakers respectively, are facing elimination games in their next outing, having already dropped three in a best of four to their adversaries.

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Last night, the Lakers looked like they would get to even the series, leading most of the game on their home court.  Kobe Bryant was scoring and they led by around 10 points until late in the game.  Oklahoma star Russell Westbrook, who takes a lot of criticism for his at time selfish play, fearlessly match Bryant point for point as the Thunder hung around.  Then the Thunder’s other star, Kevin Durant, who had over 30 points himself, sunk a 3 pointer and instantly, it looked like we were watching a passing of the torch.  The Lakers had lost a heartbreaker at home, and the Thunder are one win away from taking out the former champions.

Who will face the Thunder?  It is certainly looking like the Spurs, as the Clippers have barely made a fight out of it.  I had predicted the Clips would win two games, but now a sweep by the Spurs looks almost certain, as Clip superstar Chris Paul has played poorly, and that cross eyed little monkey they call a coach in Vinny Del Negro has proven he has no answers.

So what happens when the Thunder meet the Spurs?  Will it be another torch passing ceremony to the Thunder, who are likely to come out of this (win or lose) as favorites to reach the finals next year?

This is definitely going to be an interesting series between the Spurs and the Thunder.  If the Spurs sweep the Clippers, they will have an extra day to add to home field advantage, and the savvy, well coached Spurs are a team you don’t want to give too many little advantages to.

But at this point, the argument can be made that the Westbrook-Durant tandem is better than the Paul-Griffin tandem, and the Thunder are certainly better coached.

This is going to have to go in the books as a pick ‘em series in my book.

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