New NFL Franchise in L.A.?!?!?

You stopped to read this article because of this photo didn't you? Don't Lie! You just passed or failed an anthropology test I haven't decided which yet.


I know, I know…When I first read that the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) was sending flowers and whispering sweet nothings into the ears of various teams in the NFL in the hopes of discussing a relocation to LA, I immediately broke out in laughter. As did you I suspect…

If you are still confused by my above statement then let me break it down for you. Los Angeles is NOT a football town!  Plane and simple.  The town is too superficial to support a team during the bad times.  They did it to the Rams and they did it to the Raiders.  They just can’t hold on to a team unless its the Lakers and oh how I loath Laker fans…  Always talking shit and full of excuses then they get swept by a Dallas team that was still paying 8 to 1 on the futures.  The point I am trying to make is that you gotta have the personality to be a football fan.  Look at the Cleveland Browns fans or the Detroit Lions fans. Two franchises that have never even been to the big game in their entire existence in the league.  And while Detroit’s Dome may be falling apart the hard fact is that they are broke and are going to need a little time to rebuild, but ask any person from Detroit walking down the street and they are Lions fans.  Same could be said for Cleveland, however they do have renewed reasons to get excited and that is Payton Hillis who will definitely be on my fantasy squad this year.  So back to the main point, LA fans want instant gratification and the fact is that it takes time to build a football team and if it wasn’t for some back room deal that involved 2 hookers, a chimp and a box of oranges I’m sure the Clippers would have been shipped to some backwards wasteland like Albuquerque by now.  I mean really, what is the point of the LA Clippers?  Please, if you know, leave me a comment, I do check them.  I mean I know LA is the second largest market in the country, but at some point it is just a waste of electricity to have 2 teams in the same town.

Anyways, the article I read goes on to say that the President of AEG who also owns the Sprint Center in Kansas City was reportedly talking to reps from the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars about possibly taking up residence in a newly proposed $1,000,000,000 (yes thats a Billion) 72,000 seat stadium to be built in downtown Los Angeles as part of a larger LA Convention Center Campus.

Newly proposed LA Convention Center Campus

Now before you few proclaimed LA football fans i.e. Charger, Raider or dare I say 49er fans go and get all wet, lets break down why these teams are not considering a move from their current homes.

San Diego Chargers:  Very simple, AJ Smiff’s ego is waaaay too big and if he would ever smarten up and get rid of “Norv the Destroyer” the Chargers could go all the way.  They almost did a couple times and then sure as a shit Norv does something to screw it up.  San Diego has great fans and a big enough market to ensure that the Chargers are not going anywhere, anytime, ever…

Minnesota Vikings: They are an old franchise that has roots.  They have storied rivalries and the fans are loyal.  The thing you have to respect about the Vikings is that when they screw up, they do it BIG!  So maybe they will consider a move (hmmm). Obviously you can tell I don’t have much of an argument here, I am reaching, but hey, at least I can admit it.

Oakland Raiders: Well, I guess if it made sense then Al Davis would definitely do the opposite.  Not saying that it would make sense to move, but I think Al Davis or as I affectionately call him, “The Crypt Keeper” has been burned by LA once already and he is never one to second guess himself (big reason they suck) so no, the Raiders will stay in Oakland until you pry it from his cold dead hands and then he would haunt you anyways and call the plays from beyond the grave.  Besides, his family is keeping it after hes gone and they have the chance write their own sorted history with the Raiders.

St. Louis Rams: Ohh no, they tried this already and they even went across town to Anaheim (how humiliating).  Owner Stan Kroenke paid a butt load and went to a lot of trouble to acquire 100% of the team and he fully intends to keep it where it is.  Now if they could just get a team built they might do something.

Jacksonville Jaguars: They are still a young franchise and the city is investing in their future.  Just last season they saw a 36% rise in home game attendance.  And because of their late season run they got some people excited.  If they could get a solid defense behind them they might be able to put together a nice playoff run next season.  There are a lot of high expectations to get this team ready for a super bowl and the city is behind them 100%.  They won’t be going anywhere.

The bottom line is that there is going to be intense pressure on these teams to stay where they are, if not for the fans than for the economy.  The NFL season injects billions upon billions into the economy and there is no city in its right mind that would consider losing their golden goose anytime soon even if it meant tax breaks here and there and city concessions if need be. From the janitors that clean the stadiums to the extra employees needed for hotels, restaurants, bars, taxis and so on, an NFL team provides too much derivative revenue to let go.

The only logical solution is to expand the league.  Two new teams in the league could only help.  You provide a market with a new stimulus package, the season lasts longer and the talent gets spread out even more.  I can see it now, the LA Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Keep checking our prop betting menu as I will look for a line on whether or not LA gets its own NFL franchise.

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