Next Months Are Hectic For UFC, Joe and Dana Worked From Home Last Week!

UFC President Dana White  sat at his desk experiencing a feeling that few successful executives such as himself  ever feel – uncertainty.   In the whirlwind that was the last month, this day working from home was the first time Dana had a chance to think about what Joe Silva did.   His underling had outfoxed him and purchased Ramsey Nijem‘s shorts after the weigh ins at one of the recent shows.   Was Joe taking him on?  All day, Dana was not his usual productive self, as he sat at his desk for hours at a time fumbling with his paper weight.  In pensive moments, he would lift the metal weight to his nose, sniffing at it while his mind went over his options.  The paper weight is Nick Thompson‘s metal cup that Dana had picked up a few years back.

White did send a handful of e-mails and he answered the phone once or twice, but by the end of the day White was still thinking.  And it was time for him to call Joe.

As night falls over the Vegas desert, Dana does the inevitable and dials the phone.  Silva picks up on the first ring.

‘Joe, what are you wearing?’ Dana asks their traditional greeting in his usual hushed tones.

Joe is more hyper than usual.  ”Remember season one of the Ultimate Fighter?  In episode 6, Diego Sanchez wore only a towel while one of the other fighters helped him shave his body.  I don’t even know who the other fighter was, but I know I’m wearing Diego’s towel!’

White felt a knot forming in his stomach.  So the insubordinate little matchmaker had been ‘collecting’ since way back in TUF season 1?

White continued his conversation as if nothing had happened.  ’Joe what do you think Dennis Hallman is going to wear for this upcoming show?’

‘I know exactly what he is going to wear.  I already put a little down payment on it!’ squealed Silva.

White made nothing of it, and ended the conversation quickly.  He now saw what he was up against, and he planned to take definitive action, like the man of definitive action that he is.

White hung up the phone, his mind made up.  He started looking over the UFC 140 card.  Dana didn’t care about Hallman anymore, but which other fighter could he get to wear a wedding dress for his ring entrance?   If Joe Silva wanted a fight, he would get one!

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