NFL 2011 Regular Season Wins – Free Pick Seattle Seahawks

Wagering on the Seattle Seahawks UNDER 6 Wins -110 at BetDSI Sportsbook.


Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West Division last season with a bad 7-9 record where the failures of the other teams in the division handed them a playoff berth. It is true that the Seattle fans should take credit for the division-winning victory at home over St. Louis and for the momentum that carried over to a playoff victory as they shocked the New Orleans Saints.


But really, who are we trying to fool here?


Seattle Seahawks Quaterback troubles spell trouble this season

Seattle Seahawks Look for Answers at Quarterback

Seattle is not a good team. They got an early season win over San Diego when the Chargers struggled out of the gate, and took advantage of very bad seasons from both San Francisco (Week 1) and Arizona (Week 7) to start the season 4-2. Three of those first four victories came at home. The rest of the way the Seahawks went 3-7 by beating the bad Cardinals with inept Derek Anderson at QB, winning at home over a terrible Carolina team that finished 2-14 and then the big season-ending home win over St. Louis.


Those 7 big wins came mostly with a competent proven veteran QB in Matt Hasselbeck and a career year from career-disappointment WR Mike Williams. Williams’ career year is history and Hasselbeck is plying his trade inTennessee now. Seattle brought in QB Tavaris Jackson as a vote of non-confidence in Charlie Whitehurst whom they acquired last season from San Diego. Jackson has looked terrible so far in preseason and Whitehurst is competitive to be kind. Other key acquisitions are WR Sidney Rice (Min) and TE Zack Miller (Oak) along with OG Robert Gallery. It appears as though it will be a long frustrating season for both Rice and Miller as the Seattle QBs look like they will have a difficult time passing the ball effectively.


Looking ahead to the 2011 season schedule let’s agree on a few points, or not if you wish, first off look at the division opponents who they face twice each. San Francisco will not be as bad as they were last season. They will be a better team with a good head coach, a solid defense and strong running game to make up for any QB short comings. St. Louis will also be better – Bradford is a star on the rise with a QB friendly offensive coordinator, flashy, versatile RB in Steven Jackson and they added more receiving depth. I also think Arizona is an improved squad with QB Kevin Kolb leading the attack along with superstar WR Larry Fitzgerald and a solid receiving TE in Todd Heap. RB Beanie Wells may finally have his chance to shine now that there is no time-share in the Cardinals backfield. Let’s be generous and say that the Seahawks split out 3 of those 6 games.


NFL Seattle Seahwaks Season Wins 2011

Matt Hasselbeck Gone and Better For It

It takes 4 more wins for me to lose this wager and I don’t see it – their remaining schedule is brutal.


Taking out the division games lets go through it. Losses pile up Week 2 at Pittsburgh, Week 4 vs. Atlanta, Week 5 at NY Giants, Week 7 I don’t see them going to Cleveland and beating an improved Browns team. Okay Week 8 at home they win against what should be a very bad Cincinnati team, Week 9 at Dallas, Week 10 vs. Baltimore, Week 12 vs. Washington, maybe. Week 13 vs.Philadelphia and Week 15 at Chicago who will remember being 4-1 and then losing to the Hawks last season at home. So let’s assume they beat Cincinnati, that means they need to win at Cleveland and at home to Washington. . . and that is just to ‘Push’ at 6 wins, again we are assuming they go 3-3 in their division, which is no guarantee.


Lock and load, I am betting the NFL Season Wins, Seattle Seahawks UNDER 6 -110 victories this season at BetDSI Sportsbook.

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