NFL Betting: 2013 Dallas Cowboys Preview

The Dallas Cowboys have finished an exasperating 8-8 in each of the past two seasons. Can this franchise write a different and better script this season? We’re about to find out.

Best Offseason Move:

The Cowboys picked up safety Will Allen. This team knows that Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III are going to fling the pigskin around the field. The Cowboys lost to the Giants at home and got swept by the Redskins last season, so they know they need to match up better with New York and Washington on the defensive side of the ball. The NFC East is not a heavyweight division, but one must try to fend off the teams that stand in the way of progress, and for Dallas, “progress” means a division title and a home game in at least the first round of the playoffs if not the divisional round. Getting Allen is a sign that the Cowboys recognize the need to neutralize their chief opponents’ foremost strengths. This is the sign of football wisdom, something that hasn’t always existed in the Cowboys’ war room in recent years. Putting Allen in the secondary is astute and timely, and it should help Dallas to a certain degree in the coming season.

Worst Offseason Move:

The Cowboys drafted center Travis Frederick, taking a player late in the first round instead of waiting to grab him in the third round. This was a shocking draft pick – not in terms of the Cowboys’ needs, but in terms of the timing of the selection. Football betting know that Frederick was considered to be a third-round-level performer, so Dallas is not likely to get anything close to maximum value for Frederick’s services. It’s true that quarterback Tony Romo needs all the protection he can get, but choosing  a player two rounds too early does not seem to be the best way of catering to the needs of a team’s franchise quarterback. Frederick could very easily become a bust, and that would set back the Cowboys to a considerable degree, given that shoring up their offensive line is a rather acute priority at the moment. Draft picks can’t be whiffed on for teams that aspire to win playoff games. Making shrewd choices on draft day is part of a sound organization, and the Cowboys looked very foolish when they plucked Frederick late in the first round.

How They’ll Finish In The Division:

NFL betting lines makers know that the Cowboys, given their quarterback and their array of receivers, led by Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, should have a passing game that is the envy of most NFL teams. Yet, despite the quality talent they’ve collected on offense, the Cowboys have finished without a winning record in each of the past two seasons. Ending up at 8-8 – and moreover, losing the NFC East on the final night of the regular season – in two straight seasons has to make everyone in Dallas feel sick. Yet, unless or until this team shows some guts, it’s going to be very hard to pick the Cowboys to be a playoff ballclub. Another 8-8 season awaits.

Prediction: 8-8

Super Bowl Odds: +1700

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