NFL Betting: 2013 Washington Redskins Preview

The Washington Redskins were 3-6 last season…but then everything changed. They proceeded to win seven straight games en route to a division title. Washington must start this season on a better, stronger note if they’re to be the football betting NFC East champ again.

Best Offseason Move:

The Redskins know that they need to help quarterback Robert Griffin III in as many ways as possible. Giving him a better offensive line is one such need, but another way to make a quarterback happy is to provide him with a high-quality wide receiver. Grabbing Devery Henderson from the New Orleans Saints would certainly qualify as such a move. Henderson has really good hands. He can be a deep threat, but he’s quite accomplished at running short, short-intermediate, and deep-intermediate passing routes. He’s a versatile and crafty receiver who is going to get open at various spots on the field, giving Griffin a reliable go-to guy in key situations. This was a very astute move by Washington’s front office, not just in terms of X-and-O components or even player compatibility, but in terms of internal organizational politics. When you have a franchise player such as Griffin, you do what it takes to make him happy and to convey the impression that he is supported and cared for. Plucking Henderson from Drew Brees in New Orleans will lift Griffin’s spirits. This was an inspired move by the Redskins’ front office.

Worst Offseason Move:

The Redskins baffled many pro football observers and draft experts by taking North Carolina State defensive back David Amerson with their first selection. Amerson entered the 2012 college football season as a highly regarded prospect, but in the first game of the season in Atlanta against the Tennessee Volunteers, Amerson was repeatedly torched. This did not prove to be an isolated or aberrational occurrence, either. Amerson was regularly smoked by Clemson’s (and Miami’s… and North Carolina’s…) receivers during the course of the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season. People in and around the organization evidently felt that there was a natural skill base that could be worked with. The front office and the coaching staff held the view that Amerson’s talents could be re-shaped with an emphasis on better technique. If Amerson gets the job done, a lot of critics will eat crow. However, the critics are not likely to be wrong here. Amerson was a disaster on the field last season, and it remains hard to understand why the Redskins not only took him, but why they took him so early in the draft.

How They’ll Finish In The Division:

NFL betting cappers know that the Redskins probably won’t start 3-6 again but they probably won’t win their last seven games, either. This team seems likely to go through a lot of ups and downs. Its offense will provide some memorable highlights, but the key is if Griffin can stay healthy for the whole season. There are still so many doubts about whether his body will hold up or not. Ultimately, this is too significant a factor to ignore. Griffin will miss at least four games this season, and Washington will finish 9-7, second in the NFC East behind the New York Giants.

Prediction: 9-7

Super Bowl Odds: +1625

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