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Join us this week as our host and Bar Stool Professor Randy Mann takes on all things NFL Betting Odds and season opener. Randy gets us the low-down on the highly anticipated showdown between two of the NFL’s best teams and gunslingers as the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos take the field versus last year’s Super Bowl Champions and Joe Flacco powered Baltimore Ravens.

As far as games go, this one should be epic. The Broncos have unfinished business with the Ravens after last seasons devistating playoff loss. For those that missed it, while Broncos fans and bettors were counting out the last minute of game clock, heading for the Parking lot, and pre-spending winning bets on the AFC Championship game last season, the Ravens offense came up with a hail mary at the 35 second mark to push the game to overtime leaving the Broncos fans in shock and Ravens Super Bowl future holders with an ear to ear smile. Fast forward to this season opener, the scenario is similar to last seasons match up where the “Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL” Ravens will still be looking for the respect they think they deserve. Departing from last years miracle play and playoff run, the Ravens will have a number of questions to answer after losing a lot of top talent this offseason on both sides of the ball.

The NFL betting odds favor the Broncos by a touchdown as we approach kick off. The total is sitting at 47 1/2 suggesting oddsmakers are expecting some offensive output from both squads. As always, Denver is a fan favorite for teaser bettors who like to lower totals and back chalk.

Without further ado, we turn the stage over to Mr Mann to give us gospel on this much anticipated NFL opening Match up.

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Show Transcript:

Howdy & welcome to Barstool Blathering….

Where we spin the spun spirals of sport & wit into tightly wound ovals of perfect inertia—brown balloon the blue sky — a football is born.

I’m your host and tight-winder, Randy Mann.

Let’s say we talk some football.

The NFL kicks off this week and the ennui of preseason has passed.

Thursday night’s opening duel pits this year’s favorite against last year’s defending champs – THE RAVENS vs. THE BRONCOS.

Denver is a 2:1 favorite this year to win the AFC CONFERENCE & a 5:1 favorite to take it all under the perfect inertial guidance of Peyton Manning.

He is the Captain Kirk
…. of the Starship Denverprise, on course with destiny—or so it would seem…

Oddsmakers & Power Rankers give Manning & Denver top rating among the league and believers think Peyton will lead the Broncos to a championship.

And while The Ravens & Joe Flacco are coming off a Superbowl Season, the line opened with them as a 10pt. underdog against the once-bitten Broncos.

The Ravens never seem to get any respect, and with big name players like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, & Anquan Boldin now gone, THE CHAMPS will remain a pushover.

At 15:1 to defend their title, the powers that be don’t seem to want to give Flacco and the Ravens their due.

Coaching – Personnel – Focus & Determination is what lit The Ravens up last year during the playoffs. And of course, a little bit of luck. But let’s face it all teams, at some point, need a little bit of luck.

Thursday night may be a revenge game for the Broncos, or even the makings of a new rivalry. After losing last year’s playoff game to the Ravens, Something definitely feels like it is brewing….

And, Some genius in the NFL Marketing Department thought hanging a fotos of Flacco throughout Denver would be a good idea for the season opener.
YOU MIGHT AS WELL POST WANTED SIGNs in the middle of town: Make Joe Flacco an Outlaw. And deputize the Denver common. Don’t they know Colorado is cowboy country?

Is the NFL trying to create a new rivalry here?

From Captain Kirk to Outlaw Joe Flacco, expect this to be a great shootout to open the season.

Denver went 10-6 ATS last season. Baltimore 6-9-1.
This game opened Denver minus 10pts, but I am now seeing it move to as low as 7.5… something brewing for sure.

Denver may have Captain Kirk and plenty of talent, but they are still missing Von Miller and have some players questionable for the opener, Chan Bailey & Wes Welker for example.

If you like value, The Ravens are 3$ dogs on the moneyline. Despite it’s a new season and some of there star power gone, I like the play with Outlaw Joe Flacco and the Super Bowl champs winning straight up.

Good luck out there!

Tune in later this week as we discuss Sunday’s big games.

Til’ then, I remain….

A picker and a Grinner,


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