NFL Betting Pick: Chicago Bears vs. The New York Giants


NFL Betting Pick:  Chicago Bears vs. The New York Giants



Tonight Monday August 22nd 8pm Eastern, the New York Giants host the Chicago Bears in the Meadow Lands, In what should make for an exciting game.  Currently sportsbook have the Giants as a rather large -220 favorite giving up -4 1/2 points to the Bears.  Lets have a look at the last weeks statistics for each team and come to a conclusion where our money should go on this one.


In they’re first preseason game the Chicago Bears offense against the Buffalo Bills put up only 10 points ranking them (26th) in the league in scoring.  Accumulating 258 yards (26th),  94 of which come in the passing game (32nd last), and 164 bruising yards on the ground (4th).  The yards on the ground being a huge factor in how successful the Bears are going to be, as they are a ball control team with staggering defense.  Jay Cutler will see more snaps in this game, and he can light up the scoreboard on any given day.  They are loaded at runningback even with the prospect of Matt Forte possibly being out the preseason due to contract renegotiation’s. Currently they have former Cowboys RB Marion ” The Barbarian “  Barber, former Vikings RB back Chester ” The Toolman” Taylor, and 3rd season running back Khalil Bell who rushed 13 times last week for 73 yards averaging a great 5.7 yards per a carry, and catching 2 balls out of the backfield for another 46 yards.


Putting up only 10 points would be a problem for most teams, however when your defense is this nasty you always have a chance to win. In they’re first preseason game the Bears defense only allowed a stingy 3 points good for (1st) in the NFL,  giving up only 190 total yards (2nd), 101yards coming from the air (2nd), and 89 yards on the ground (7th).  This defense is just mean, and are going to give opponents trouble all year I think.


Last week the New York Giants offense also posted up only 10 points against the Carolina Panthers ranking them (28th) in the league in scoring, combining for 298 total yards (21st), 217 via passing (11th), and only 81 yards int he running game (28th). Eli Manning did not look good in his first preseason game of the year only completing 4 pass out of 9 for a lousy 36 yards total.  The Giants offense woe’s maybe beyond just Eli Manning as the running game didn’t do anything dynamic to help either, with not much to analyse as each back only received a very limited amount of carries.

The Giants defense were not too successful in they’re first game either as they gave up 20 points (22nd) in the NFL, giving up a 342 total yards (21st), 240 yards to the pass (26th), and 102 yards in the run department (12th). Ranking the Giants in almost virtually every meaningful offensive and defensive statistic in the lower half of the league.  I would suspect there is way too much talent on this team for this to continue, however the Giants did have significant woes last year, and they may carry on into this the preseason and early regular season.


After reviewing these numbers why the Bears are a generous +180 underdogs is beyond me.  I say run that to the bank, and if your a little insecure with it go ahead and take the 4 1/2 points, as you see the Giants failed to put up over 10 points last week that seems like a surefire bet.  Another extremely interesting wager is sportsbooks over / under line of a high 35 1/2 points, when both teams offense combined last week couldnt put up more than 20, and one of the premiere defenses of the league will be on the field.  I say the wager on the under of 35 1/2 points is one of the most enticing bets of this week, thank me later when neither offense finds they’re rhythm in this one.


While the Giants obviously have a chance to win, do you really want your money in the hands of this guy ( see photo below of New York Giants QB Eli Manning)?  Who stated “he thinks he as every bit as good as New England 3x superbowl winning QB Tom Brady (MVP in two of them)”.  After such a ludicrous statement I think that Giants QB Eli Manning is having mental issues that may show up on the football field as he continues heaving balls to the opposing team in staggering volume  ( 25 ), and fumbling the ball 7 times losing 5 of them in all of last year.


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