NFL Betting Picks: New Orlean Saints vs. The Houston Texans

Saturday night at 8pm Eastern start time, the New Orleans Saints take on the Houston Texans at home, Reliant Stadium. BetDSI Sportsbook currently have The New Orleans Saints a -140 favorite, and currently giving up only -2 1/2 points on the spread.


Lets digest the numbers, on offense for the Saints after they’re first pre-season game. Tallyed up 288 yards (ranking 21st in the NFL), 150 yard passing ( 26 ), 138 rushing ( 5 ). You could easily expect those numbers to change for the better as in the second game, we should see more of Saints Five time probowler, and MVP of superbowl XLIV Drew Bree’s. Also they may allow Quarterback Sean “Who?” Canfield to open up after he threatened to steal the show with his spectacular performance last week singing to the tune of 21 yards, completing one pass in 2 attempts, and putting up a formidable 87.5 QB rating.


On defense the Saints in they’re first pre-season game gave up 3 points (3rd in NFL), 234 total yards ( 6 ), 98 passing yards ( 2 ), 136 rushing yards ( 28 ).


Those are some very impressive stats, if you take in account that on the 136 rushing yards, the opposing team only managed 3 points. This shows that the Saints even in giving up some rushing yards, were never shredded by a devastating long one.


The Houston Texans after they’re first preseason game had totaled 20 points (12th in the NFL), 221 total yards (29), 179 passing yards (21), and 42 rushing yards (32).


While respectable in total points, they rank pretty low in all key area’s, however more reps from QB Matt Schaub, and few more touches from RB Arian Foster ( Owner of last years rushing title , and longest run in Texans history a 74 yard TD) could change this quickly.  However we must also throw in the facts :



Matt " Hot Tub " Leinart


Matt ” Hot Tub ” Leinart (see picture), and T.J ” Take-A-Sack ” Yates (sacked 5 times last week) could come in and throw a few pick’s, and get chewed up by the Saints defense.  This certainly doesn’t help a Texans wager here, if you are betting on Houston take the points you will need them.


The Houston defense, who have always been known for not even being closely as skilled as they’re offense, and at times have looked like a viable contender for perennial top 10 worst defenses of the league. Allowed in they’re last week’s pre-season game 16 points (ranked 15 in the NFL), 310 total yards (16), 210 passing yards (16), and a 100 rushing yards (13). Those all being pedestrian stats in the middle rankings of the league.



I predict a good thrashing by the Saints that will well exceed the 2 1/2 point spread. I will have my money on the Saints laying the points in this one for sure, they should handily cover the point spread.







Leading to this




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