NFL Betting Predictions: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Betting Predictions:  Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

This Sunday at 1pm Eastern, the Buffalo Bills travel to take on the Cincinnati Bengals. sportsbook currently have the Bills as a -3 point favorite over the Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals offense was in a circus bowl of epic proportions last week against the San Francisco 49ers.  Rookie QB Andy Dalton threw 17 completions on 32 attempts, 157 yards, 0 TD 2 INT’s.  The Bengals running game did not show up either as RB Cedric Benson rushed 17 times for 64 yards, one of which went for 10 yards.  When I mean it was a circus it really was , they only scored on 2 field goals and got 2 more points via a safety.

Now you can make a case that the Bengals defense played great last week allowing only 13 points , however it was against the 49ers and QB Alex Smith. The defense absolutely hammered Smith with devastating hits all game recording 5 total sacks.  They Bengals only allowed 226 yards total , 64 rushing and 201 total passing yards.

The Buffalo Bills offense last week were the best they have been in recent memory. Last week against the New England Patriots, QB Ryan ” Time Walker” Fitzpatrick put up 27 completions on 40 attempts for a huge 369 yards , 2 TD’s and 2 INTs. RB Fred ” Do It All ” Jackson rushed 12 times for 74 yards and a TD.

Now back to the QB Ryan Fitzpatrick being a ” Time Walker”  I have figured out how he is kicking so much $&# this year.  When the fans at the Bills vs Raiders game were in their cars halfway home , and only one super fan left in the stadium to hear the results , the game had been decided after an official review it was a Buffalo win.  This is when I had found out that Fitzpatrick is in fact a time walker.  As my little brother who said  ” Its The Year Of The Buffalo “  and was making me laugh as I stated in previous posts about how the Bills are going to rule this year.  Well they are onto a great start.

The Bills defense allowed 31 points on 495 passing yards and 108 rushing yards.  However any day you manage to intercept Patriots QB Tom Brady 4 times in one game (one for a touchdown) , that is a pretty stellar day.  The Bills did not record any sack against Tom Brady ( he usually gets great protection and quick delivery).  The pressure showed up in the interception department as Brady was throwing to the Bills at an alarming rate 4 Int while being hurried.

My Prediction:  Putting the Bills at only -3 coming seems like a Christmas present. After coming off such a hot win , and the Bengals being so awful coming off a circus of a loss.  This just smells of money.  I predict this one to be a blow out , the Bills will win this one easily. Bet the Bills at -3 quick I think this line will move !

By the way!!!!!       Your now looking at the 3 and 0 Bufallo Bills !!!!!!!

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” Its Only A Game Untill You Bet It “

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