NFL Betting Predictions Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears


NFL Betting Predictions Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Talk about a gang tackle

This Sunday at 4:15pm Eastern, the Green Bay Packers travel to Soldier Stadium to take on the Chicago Bears. sportsbook currently have the Packers a -220 favorites giving up -4 points to the Bears.


The Green Bay Packers offense have been steam rolling opposing teams in their first two games. QB Aaron Rodgers has been tearing it up in the first two games of the season compiling 46 completions on 65 attempts for 620 yards, a 70% completion rate, 5 TD’s and 0 INT’s. Unlike in recent years the Pack actually have been able to establish a presence in the running game with recent emergence of 2nd ear RB James Starks (suited up 3 games last year and never saw the endzone, and carried the ball a whole 4 times this preseason). Starks last week carried the ball 9 times for 85 yards a sick 9.4 yards per carry with one going for 40 yards. He also had 3 catches for 30 yards I think he maybe getting some more play time over starting RB Ryan Grant if this keeps up. With TE Jermichael Finley back in the line up from his injury last year in 2 games getting 8 receptions for 121 yards, Aaron Rodgers has yet another weapon in a stacked receiving core.

The Packers defense have not been spectacular but they really clamp down in the redzone and the goaline, holding opposing teams to field goals regularly. They have been rushing the passer really well getting 7 sacks and hurrying him on many of throws resulting in 3 interceptions already this year. With the way opposing QB Jay Cutler has been sacked 11 times in the first two games alone it does not bode well for the Bears offense.

The Bears GM Jerry Angelo better pay this man.

The Bears defense has not been amazing but definitely playing well enough to win football games provided their offense can keep Jay Cutler out of the hospital from the sheer amount of hits he takes, and give him sometime to pass. The Bears D have one interception and 2 forced fumbles, this defense is stacked with talent and at any given time can really get to an offense, I just don’t think the they will be able to stop this high effective Green Bay Packer offense however.


My Prediction: These two teams have a long history of playing each other tough and the games being close. However I believe Aaron Rodgers is in the Matrix at the moment and instead of seeing players around him and routes being run, really see’s 1′s and 0′s, and is the best QB in the game at this very moment. Put all the super bowl rings, big names, and super model girlfriends aside, when it comes to choosing a QB that will win you any game against any team you will no doubt want Aaron Rodgers. This guy just oozes ” Mucheezmo”.

I think this says it all....


Fantasy Players Of The Game: For the Packers Aaron Rodgers of course, however the big surprise you could make in your league is grabbing up Packers RB James Starks , he’s unheard of I mean 4 carries in the preseason and 3 games last year. No one not even the coaching staff could have predicted the explosiveness he has shown. Granted he plays in a very run friendly offense as against the Pack opposing defenses play the pass all game.

The Bears look no further than the explosive RB Matt Forte, he wants to get paid and he is making one hell of a case to do so.

So get your wagers in at sportsbook and remember:
” It’s Only A Game Untill You Bet It ”

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