NFL Betting Predictions: Jacksonville Jaguars vs The Buffallo Bills


NFL Betting Predictions: Jacksonville Jaguars vs The Buffallo Bills




Saturday Aug 26th, the Buffallo Bills (0-2) host the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) on their homefield Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Jaguars are giving up -2 1/2 points to the Bills in the spread with an over under set at 35 1/2 points.



I barely feel the need to even give you the numbers as usual in this one, as both teams are the worst in just about every category on offense and defense. If they are not the worst ranked, then the team that is worse off still wouldnt be happier with these statistics.




Strike up the Benny Hill Theme music here comes the numbers.


The Jacksonville Jaguars offense generates (per game) averages of a blockbuster 13.5 points per game (24th), 254 total yard per game (27th), 178 yards passing (22nd), 76 yards rushing (31st).




Opposing teams have been stomping all over the Jaguars defense with ( per game averages) 30 pts (32nd), 370 total yards (27th), 263 yards passings (28th), and 106 rushing yards a game (15th).








Not to be outdone the Buffallo Bills offense (per game average) generates an astronomical 6.5 points per game (30th), 252 total yards (28th), 144 passing (30th), and 107 yards rushing a game (19th).




While the Bills defense have been getting punched in the face by opposing offenses to the tune of ( per game averages) 30 points per game (32nd), 370 yards (27th), 263 passing yards (28th) and 106 yards rushing per game (15th).      (League Rank)








This game with backups coming in early has circus written all over it. If this were the regular season I would not be so harsh on this game. The fact is unfortunatly for the fans of these two teams a list of grocery baggers not named Kurt Warner are going to be stepping on the field in this game making it a challenging but fun bet.




I think the Jaguars will do enough to win this one with QB David Garrard possibly stepping up his game from his terrible performance last week. In a game where both teams up to this point in the preseason have two touchdowns between the both of them, the sensible bet seems to be on the under of 35 1/2 points.  Hopefully we will be awake to see it unfold,  I don’t remember being this tired before starting this post.



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