NFL Betting Predictions: New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions

NFL Betting Predictions: New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions



Tonight at 8pm Eastern, The Detroit Lions (2-0) host the New England Patriots (2-0) at Ford Field. The Patriots are only 3 point favorites in this one against the Lions who appear to be far removed from their winless 2008 season as a young team playing hard nosed football and being competitive.


Detroit Lions offense has  been clicking under third year coach Jim Schwartz as they have been accumulating impressive (per game averages) of 32 points per game (2nd), 378 total yards (4th), 255 yards passing (4th), and 123 yards rushing (11th). QB Matthew Stafford has looked very sharp completing 12 passes on 17 attempts for 156 yards and 3 touchdowns to 0 Interceptions for a 138.7 QB rating, lets hope for his and Lions fans sake he stays healthy all 16 games this year.





The Lions defense has been very stingy giving up only (per game averages) 15.5 points (12th), an amazingly low 238 total yards (3rd), a very low 135 yards passing (3rd), and 102 yards rushing.

They have second year DT Ndamukong Suh to thank for instilling such tenacity into their defense. This young man is an absolute beast, and inserting him into any defense in the NFL would give them an instant upgrade no matter what team it is. The Patriots coaches and fans should truly be worried about this ferocious quarterback eating monster getting his hands on star QB Tom Brady.





The Patriots have been the kings of the preseason having their offense put up absolutely staggering numbers (per game averages) of 39 points (1st), 429 total yards (1st), 259 passing (3rd), and 170 rushing (2nd). Tom Brady has been great in completing 11 of 19 passes for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns to 0 Int’s good for a 111.3 QB rating. Finally for the first time in years the Patriots running game has look dangerous. With rookies Steven Ridley averaging almost 5 yards per carry on 30 attempts for 148 yards and 2 touchdowns, and rookie Richard Medlin punching the ball past the goaline for 2 touchdowns. The Patriots looked to have nabbed a really good runningbacks to add with workmans backs Danny Woodhead, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Sammy Morris, and longest tenured patriot RB Kevin Faulk. Wow…. can that many backs still be on the team when this season starts?


The Patriot defense has been far from messing around as well allowing only (per game averages) 13 points per game (4th), 218 total yards (2nd), 137 passing (4th), and 81 rushing yards (4th). The Patriots have been absolutely harassing opposing QB’s their first 2 preseason game tallying 7 total sacks. Lions fans take note as your QB has been known to be made of glass, you do not want him in this meaningless game long.





I think the Patriots are going to be knocking a few of the very improved Lions offense and defense statistics down some in this game. Look for the Patriots to cover the low 3 point spread, or take your kids college fund and drop it on the Patriots to win. No way Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Patriots who love to smash on teams regardless of the games relevancy are going to lose this one.

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