NFL Betting Predictions: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals


NFL Betting Predictions: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday at 1pm Eastern, the New York Giants (2-1) travel to take on the Arizona Cardinals. Currently sportsbook currently have the Giants the favorites giving -1 point to the Cardinals via the spread.

The New York Giants offense played great last week against a tough pass rush and elite secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles. QB Eli Manning had a great game helped by some great yards after the catch and some interception saving circus catches by his receivers. Manning completed 16 of his 23 passes for 254 yards and 4 TD’s 0 INT’s. The Running game did just enough to open up the pass as Ahmad Bradshaw had 86 yards on 15 attempts one going for 37 yards. Even with numerous injuries to their receiving core this Giants team is finding ways to put up points and showing they have weapons all over the field.

The Giants defense came to play last week against the Eagles grabbing 2 sacks, 3 interceptions , and a forced fumble. Second year young DE Jason Pierre-Paul has been impressing the hell out of me all year from preseason through this season. Paul already has ridiculous stats for 3 games compiling 17 tackles, 4.5 sacks , and a forced fumble. Usually it takes a defensive lineman a couple of years to really shine but this young man is just tearing up offenses week in and week out.

The Arizona Cardinals offense was as potent as a wine cooler last week with QB Kevin Kolb playing promising as he is young , but making big mistakes especially under pressure in throwing 2 interceptions. Kolb completed 25 passes on 39 attempts for 252 yards. The Arizona running game did not do much RB Alfonso smith had 17 attempts for 54 yards. The only touchdown this team produced against the not good Seattle Seahawks team was a miracle pass from Kolb to one of the greatest talents in the NFL WR Larry Fitzgerald.

The Cardinals defense was alright allowing only 13 points to the Seahawks (why only 13 points is alright and not great). However not being able to etch out a win against this lowly Seattle team shows they are a long ways away from being contenders again. The defense last week allowed 261 yards, 122 on the ground , and 171 passing yards, the D managed to get 3 sacks.

My Prediction: Another great starting line this week at only -1 the New York Giants is just a sweet deal. This one WILL move quick , New York teams have a huge following moving lines often throughout the week if you want the Giants get on it now while the getting is good. If it looks like money, smells like money , feels like money….. hell it must be money!

So get your bets in at sportsbook and remember:

” It Is Only A Game Untill You Bet It “

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