NFL Betting Predictions Week 8

We have reached the mid-point of the NFL betting Season and there are a ton of interesting happenings to discuss. We have an undefeated Kansas City team, a 1 and 6 New York Giants team, and 2012 playoff contenders Atlanta, Houston, and Minnesota are all in an enormous funk. The fun doesn’t stop there. The stalwart Patriots are a question mark, the Panthers are over .500 for the first time since 2008, and St Louis just dialed up Brett Farve for a starting spot on the roster (Sorry Tebow). Need we say more…All things considered, “we are no longer in Kansas Toto”.

With all that in mind, let’s toss in a turbulent NFL week 7 where two long established betting favorites went down in flames, it is ever apparent that the 2013 NFL Season is one of new rules, shake ups, and rejuvenation. The Pats getting dropped by the Jets on the strength of a “new rule” violation probably dinged most pocketbooks across the country. Add on Peyton’s homecoming loss in Indy and you have the makings for some rubber-band bounce back bets this coming week. To put a bit more bounce in the back for the NFL week 8 betting crowd, Join our esteemed Host and Bar Stool Savant Randy Mann as he gets us prepared for our week 8 NFL betting fix. Randy hits the quick NFL betting predictions slant with current ATS info and some possible betting leans. Randy also takes a walk through other current NFL happenings including some week 7 “in the rear-view” stats and betting info.

Week 8 NFL Betting Odds

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