NFL Betting: Pro Bowl Preview & Pick

The Pro Bowl becomes a new kind of event this year, as the conference format involving the AFC and the NFC is being shelved in favor of a system designed to get players to be more energized and competitive on the field. Players on various NFL teams will have to (in some cases) go against each other in this football betting game.

2014 Pro Bowl: Team Jerry Rice vs. Team Deion Sanders

Sunday, January 26th – 7:35 PM ET

Aloha Stadium – Honolulu, HI

Odds: Rice -1.5

Team Rice Will Win If…

Its quarterbacks play as well as they can play. Drew Brees is easily the best quarterback who has been invited to Honolulu for this game. Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers, also on Team Rice, is coming off one of the better seasons in his generally successful career. Alex Smith enjoyed a fine season and a great playoff game for the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs. If these veterans make sound adjustments and reads during this game, they should be able to generate more than enough offense. Team Sanders’ quarterbacks – Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Nick Foles – are not in the same class as Team Rice’s quarterbacks.

Team Sanders Will Win If…

Its wide receivers can step up and make up the difference in the level of quarterbacking talent between the two teams. There is always a both-and quality to the art of throwing the football. You need players who can throw (quarterbacks), but you also need players who can get open and then catch the ball (receivers). Team Rice has better quarterbacks, but Team Sanders has better receivers such as Cincinnati Bengal wideout A.J. Green and Dallas speed-burner Dez Bryant. If Green and Bryant are both spectacular in Hawaii, the quarterback deficiencies on Team Sanders won’t wind up mattering very much at all.

Pick: Team Rice


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