NFL Betting Week Four Recap: The Best And Worst Teams To Bet On

After week four, you kind of know what’s going on with every team in the NFL, especially when you get bad beats in the NFL betting world.

Here are the some of the best teams to bet on and the worst teams to bet against, after four weeks:

NFL Best

1. Detroit Lions (3-0-1 ATS)

We knew about this one a long time ago, the Lions are getting some love by the public, and deservedly so. NFL betting fans should continue riding on the Lions, but Detroit needs to start the games better; they won’t be able to comeback from a 20+ points every single weekend. (The Lions are the first team in NFL history to comeback from a 20 + points in two week in a row).

Expect the Lions to be between 6 points and one touchdown favorites in the NFL betting odds to face the Chicago Bears on Monday night.

2. New England Patriots (3-1 ATS)

The Pats dropped the game against the Bills last week; they weren’t going to allow that to happen twice. New England is now 26-2 bouncing back from a loss, meaning, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady don’t lose back to back games.

Also, New England scored 30+ points for the 12 th game in a row, and this time it seemed like Brady didn’t make any effort, he gave the ball to his running unit who showed up finally, and then he just step up and watched it happen.

3. NY Giants (3-1 ATS)

Not many people are talking about the NY Giants, they are not getting much love and that could be your first sign to ride them.

Eli Manning has the third best quarterback rating in the NFL, just behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. We know Brady and Rodgers are in another class, meaning what Manning is doing is pretty amazing, especially without playmakers to throw to.

NFL Worse

1. St. Louis Rams (0-4 ATS)

Ohh boy, the Rams are horrible. They can’t do anything. Take the best against them on every game against until they show they can play ball.

2. Atlanta Falcons (1-3 ATS)

We need to forget about the Atlanta Falcons team that had the best NFC record on 2010, get it over you head, forget about it; they are not the same team.

With that said, until Vegas realize the Falcons are a busted team, well, you should right against them. For example, they’ll be like four point home underdogs against the Green Bay Packers, it should be higher considering how good Aaron Rodgers is, and how bad the Falcons have looked.

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