NFL Breaking News – “Big Albert” Haynesworth Moving to New England

I’m not a Patriots fan but I don’t dislike Tom Brady. With that said I was a little worried when they let go Tully Banta Cain, let’s face it, he was the only true pass rusher they had. Well, now they signed the trouble maker Albert Haynesworth and the pass rush is back.

The trade involved a fifth-round pick in 2013, according to league sources, which we all know is going to look like a bargain when Bill Belichick is done putting this guy in place. The former Pro Bowl defensive tackle is scheduled to make $5 million this season.

“He can do almost anything he wants. He doesn’t want to do anything. To me that’s the issue,” Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslet said. “He’s one of those guys you walk in a meeting and you tell him, ‘Put down the phone.’ The next day you have to tell him to put down the phone. The next day, you tell him to put down the phone”.

Of course New England had troublemakers before, Randy Moss and Corey Dillon were troublemakers and they managed them just fine. The Patriots were ranked 14 th in sacks last season with 36, will Albert help them? Let’s just wait and see.

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