NFL Draft Betting 2012

NFL Draft Betting 2012


Tonight is the night you will be checking to see your favorite team(s) pick up young talent that could end up being the backbone of the franchise, or a key contributors that would put them over the top in bringing them to the promised land. Perhaps your team will grab that can’t miss guy, maybe go risky on a ” troubled young man ” and strike gold, or trade down to stock pile draft picks for the future.

BetDSI Sportsbook is offering a great way to bet on the NFL draft in a form of over/under on offensive or defensive players taken in the first round. Currently the over under on the offensive players is 15, the first two picks of the draft are written in stone to be quarterback’s Andrew Luck from Stanford and Robert Griffin from Baylor. With in the next 3 picks I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still offensive players as there is some great top tier playmakers to be had on that side of the ball. Needless to say I love the over on 15 offensive players.

The over/under for defensive players on the NFL 2012 Draft betting live lines is currently at 17. The first defensive player to show up on most mock drafts would be LSU’s cornerback Morris Claiborne going to Tampa with the fourth pick. Defensive lineman Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State and Quinton Coples of North Carolina should probably be off the board in the top 10 as well. I like the under 17 on the defensive players selection thinking there will be more defensive players off the board in round two and three.

All in all it should be pretty close in offensive to defensive selections in this draft as there is talent on both sides of the ball to go deep into round three. Also with the NFL becoming such a pass happy league look for many cornerbacks and safeties to be looked at by teams making this a tricky, but I’m going with under.

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