NFL Lockout Ending? Well YEAH!!!

Lockout is coming to an end...know what I'm talkin bout Willis..


Ever since the threat of a possible canceled or at least delayed 2011 NFL season became all too real I had started a campaign of positivism (I didn’t know this was a word, the word press dictionary recommended it) and common sense.  I would project this on any and all who were willing to listen, be it at work with the crew, in Ireland with a taxi driver or at Gallagher’s at the Newark airport. The all too important question came up, “Is there going to be an NFL season this year?”.  There were a lot of cynics out there that basically thought the owners were actually going to give up 10′s of billions for the sake of saving $9 billion and that the feds would actually allow it…  *Disclaimer* The premise for this article is the breaking news that in fact the U.S. government has actually sent in mediators to get a deal worked out between the NFL owners and players and there is practically a 100% chance that a deal will be done by July 4th just in time for a month’s worth of camp and a few pregames before the season starts.  On time! I might add.

STOP!!!  I am going to warn you that this is a bit of a longer post, however since you have already been captivated by my first paragraph and continued on then fair play to you and I highly suggest you invest your time and thought into the rest of this post as it touches on certain parts of the social awareness that is lacking in America when greed and pettiness supersede the greater good.  Don’t fret, I am actually a funny MF’er so at least you will get a laugh or 3 out of it.  And by that I will have just improved your life.  So take a chance…


continuing on…


There is a snowball’s chance in hell the U.S. government would allow one of the biggest vehicles for stimulating the economy to abruptly cease operations.  To actually have the nerve to think that “they” (owners and players) had the power to cancel a season at a time when we are hovering just under 10% unemployment rate in this country is reason enough to make you wonder.  When I say 10′s of billions I am actually referring to the 200 billion plus in derivative revenue it generates.  For example, I enjoy going to a football game when I’m back home ($120 per ticket, 20 rows back on the home field side near the 30 is worth it and you can still make eye contact with the cheer leaders, nk nk nk). This requires that I take a 45 minute flight from one side of the state to the other ($150).  Then I am obviously going to drink before, during and after the game ($100, depending on who I’m with, some guys are just cheap fu#&ers by nature, right David?).  Obviously we are going to stop at Rick’s for a lap dance or 2 and then back down town to a bar near the hotel ($100 depending on my restraint).  There is always either a quiet ride back from the strip club or a loud obnoxious ride ($100, I’m throwing in the airport taxi rides).  As I said, “near the hotel” ($50).  So lets review:

- Tickets:  $120
- Flight:  $150
- Drinks/Food:  $100
- Lap Dances and Drinks: $100  (Hey! Don’t judge!  Someone has to put these girls through college…;)
- Hotel: $50
- Taxi’s: $100
- Total Injection into the economy = $620 in 1 day
- Look on girl friends face who lives in Costa Rica and who is happy to see you, but doesn’t know anything about Rick’s = Priceless (shameless attempt I know, but I bet a few of you laughed at it)

Now let’s say that out of 67,000 people that can fill the stadium at least 25% of them are from out of town like myself.  I think that is conservative, maybe I’m wrong.  This would mean that there were possibly 16,750 people who were spending more or less $620.  Actually, not everyone goes to Ricks so maybe say an average of $500 was spent per person.  If everyone went to Ricks after the game that would suck, you would never get any action.

16,750 fans X $500 spent per fan = $8,375,000 revenue in one day
$8,375,000 X 8 home games at least =  $67,000,000 minimum
$67,000,000 X 32 teams = $2,144,000,000 and this doesn’t count playoffs

Now this 2 billion plus doesn’t count the revenue spent by the other 75% of the crowd in attendance or the people at home ordering pizza and buying beer and making 7 layer dip, etc, etc. (yummm, 7 layer dip…)  So I think you can draw you own conclusions on how much revenue the National Football League actually generates for the economy.   Hint, its more than $200 billion easily.  If you don’t agree then leave me a comment and lets debate it.  I love comments…

Ok, so now we have a rough idea of the amount of revenue it produces.  Where does all that revenue go?  Well thank you for asking, because I just happen to have an answer.  On any given Sunday in any given city with an NFL franchise you will find a stadium and that stadium requires a lot of body’s to operate it.  The bars require bar tenders (hot one’s if available) and the taxi’s require drivers.  The strippers require lap dance solicitation and pay for college with the proceeds.  The hotels and restaurants require staff to service their clients.  The point I am making is that with all this revenue comes jobs and right now in the U.S. we have a serious problem with the unemployment rate.  How the hell can the number 1 economy in the world be in such a cluster fuck (that’s right, I wrote it!) that almost 10% of the workforce is unemployed.  I find this unacceptable as should you.

The short of it is, how dare the owners and players of the NFL let it get to the point that the U.S government has to step in and mediate everything or perhaps give orders to work it out.  Like a parent telling siblings to figure it out or they will figure it out for them. *Please note* I do not advocate the intervention of the federal government to fix these types of problems, but at this point the ridiculous reasoning from both sides have become so unreasonable that it is appears there is no other solution.  The parties involved lack so much social responsibility on their conscience to realize that arbitrating over this insignificant amount of money has already and will have such a ripple effect over the entire country as a whole as it relates to the grand scheme of things that their actions do in fact impact all of us to some degree?  Wow!, I just got deep there…

Anthropological question: Why has the social mentality gotten so bad that we have lost sight of what is best for the greater good when in fact it is the very dependence on the greater good that makes this great sport a necessity and driver of such revenue?

Draw your own conclusions.  But do it after you have read the rest of my post because frankly I need the attention to feed my creative and intellectual blog job juice.  Do you know what a Blog job pays?  Definitely not as much as a blow job…

So that being the jist of my argument, but often summarized in fewer than 6 sentences because that’s usually the protocol when you are talking to a stranger about circumstances that you have no control over, but strong opinions on.

How I would end my rant or rave with my, wait for it…positivism! (try to pronounce it) Would be with a confident declaration that not only would there be an NFL season this year, but it would in fact be the year when everything was so fan-fu*&in-tastic that the league voted to allow 2 new expansion teams and then bang bang we have an 18 week season, revenue is increased, fans are happy and bookies are bookin…  It doesn’t get any more Cinderella then that folks…

Por Fin…I am ending this post.  The good news is that now you know that there will in fact be an NFL season this year if not willingly then by the grace of common sense and necessity.  So get your account funded with BetDSI and get ready for a great season!  That was my shameless plug.  Let it go…  At least the rest of the post was entertaining and you are now a better person for reading it.   Cheers…

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