NFL News – Brett Favre is Seeking to Come Out of Retirement and Join the Philadelphia Eagles

I heard this morning Brett Favre actually talked to some guys in the NFL for them to send him the un-retirement papers, and I was like: seriously? Dude, I don’t believe it… but I guess this means the NFL season officially has started.

The NFL and Favre are like a bad marriage, they once were the hottest sensation, but one of them is now old and creepy and hasn’t received the memo that his best days are gone. Let’s face it; the NFL is never going to get old, so yeah Favre, I’m talking to you, you old dirt bag.

Favre needs to find a hobby or a young chick that keeps him busy. I mean, I love talking about him, he’s good for gossip but for god sake take a vacation man, get another job, how about trying to get a life outside football, or are you basically so lame that throwing interceptions every Sunday is the only thing you learned to do after all these years?

Anyways, coming back to the news that the Associated Press released, the word is that Favre to be Michael Vick’s replacement… meaning he will be two things… news every week and definitely a distraction for the Eagles if he actually joins the team.

As you probably know Vick’s playing style gets him hurt all the time, so yeah the possibility for Favre to hit the field is pretty big. Now think about, once he throws his first pass it’s all over, the drama, the discussion and the questions will start surrounding the Eagles, that’s for sure.

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