NFL News – Martz and Williams Are Back Together and Now in Chicago

I don’t know how to feel about this, if you are a Bears fan you should let me know because the overrated wide receiver Roy Williams is moving to Chicago.

The Cowboys cut him two days ago… guess why? He couldn’t catch a beach ball even if you throw it from five yards away. Now the Bears will give him a chance to shine according to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter.

Williams will be reunited with Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz; they had worked together in Detroit in 2006 and 2007, when Martz was the Lions’ offensive coordinator. I don’t think they have too many good memories on those years.

Jay Cutler will have a new weapon now but will that help? I don’t know but my guess is Williams will be a cancer in the locker room. Williams was the center of last’ season pranks and jokes over rookie Dez Bryant, which by the way never helped the Dallas Cowboys.

Williams had 35 catches for 530 yards , plus five touchdowns… those are tight end position numbers … he really needs to step up.

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