NFL Player Betting Props: Most Passing Yards In the 2013 Regular Season

NFL Player Betting Props: Most Passing Yards In the 2013 Regular Season

With the 2013 NFL season getting closer BetDSI Sportsbook is now taking wagers on which players will lead the league at their respective positions. A fun way to wager on your favorite players that can be extremely profitable for selecting the winner due to the large field.

In this piece we are going to look at which quarterback will have the most passing yards this regular season. The candidates for this NFL player betting prop are: 

                                                                              ( Passing yards in 2012 )

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) +650 (4,295)

Andrew Luck ( Indianapolis Colts) +1500 (4,374)

Andy Dalton ( Cincinnati Bengals) +2500 (3,669)

Ben Roethlisberger ( Pittsburgh Steelers) +2000 (3,265)

Cam Newton ( Carolina Panthers) +1500 (3,869)

Colin Kaepernick +2500 (1,814)

Drew Brees +370 (5,177)

Eli Manning +1000 (3,948)

Jay Cutler +2200 (3,033)

Joe Flacco +1500 (3,817)

Matt Ryan +800 (4,719)

Matthew Stafford +650 (4,967)

Peyton Manning +500 (4,659)

Philip Rivers +3000 (3,606)

Robert Griffin III +2000 (3,200)

Russell Wilson +2200 (3,118)

Sam Bradford +2500 (3,702)

Tom Brady +800 (4,827)

Tony Romo +1500 (4,903)

The Field ( Any Other Player ) +1200

Of course the easy selections to make are going to be last years passing yards leader Drew Brees along with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, but I would like to point out the value of some of the larger odd candidates. For instance Tony Romo who was third in the league in passing yards last year at 4,903 yards is at +1500.  A huge value for a guy who was pushing 5,000 yards last season and has a great receiver in Dez Bryant who had a breakout season in 2012.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford is also a very interesting selection at +650 as he was just 33 yards shy of 5,000 yards and coming in second in passing yards last season. The Lions have not had much success running the ball since Barry Sanders retirement and they will probably continue passing a whole bunch this season.

Another great choice would also be Matt Ryan who had a breakout season in ’12 with 4,719 passing yards. He appeared to have much better balance to the offense with the screen passes to make up for a lack of a running game. The addition of running back Steven Jackson may take away a few of his passes , but that will remain to be seen as they could still be very pass happy this year.

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