NFL QB Trade News – Hasselbeck and McNabb Land Great Spots

The NFL buzz of this Wednesday brought big names to new club houses and I think both landed in the right spots.

Hasselbeck to the Titans

Matt was a great, healthy quarterback last season and even took a no name Seahawks team to the next level and got them to a Super Bowl. He is now the QB of the Tennesse Titans according to the news sources that say he reached an agreement.

It makes total sense as he turned down Seattle in February, he knew he had other options, and he took the best one.

McNabb to the Vikings

After leaving the Eagles for the Skins and signing a huge contract, Donovan McNabb was not the right quarterback for Washington and he knows he could be in a better spot with the Vikings.

McNabb’s huge contract needs to be modified in order for him to sign with Minnesota but let’s be honest, that is going to be a great opportunity for him.

The deal could force McNabb, who could make up to $14.75 million in 2011 if the Redskins keep him, to take a one-year deal for less than half of the money above.

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