NFL Trade Analysis: Why Chad Ochocinco is a Great Fit For the New England Patriots

I had a lot of my twitter followers last night disagreeing with me about the role that Chad Ochoinco will have with the Patriots this season. They said he will be a bust because he loves the spotlight a little too much and that Bill Belichick made a huge mistake…

Let’s start by saying this… Bill Belichick doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, so for him to make a move like this, well, means he really is sure about it.

Second, Chad has a bad image, ok he earned, that’s true but at the same time he’s not the regular bad boy/diva like the majority of the wide receivers. He’s more like a playful self-promoter, who enjoys the camera on him… but think about, it’s never in bad way nor in a way that hurts the team.

Ochocinco is 33 years old; he has only played for one team and has been in quick exit playoffs games. He has never been able to smell a Super Bowl appearance; in fact the closest he has gotten is by covering it with his OCNN “News channel”.

He wants a Super Bowl ring, he needs a Super Bowl ring, especially if you keep in mind he wasn’t on the Top 100 players list voted by the players! He needs to win his respect back, so now he has a chip of his shoulder that will motivate him to make a real difference.

My point is that Ochocinco is not going to be a distraction, he will be a great help for Patriots, especially if the NY Jets will sign Nnamdi Asomugha and line up the Asomugha/Darrelle Revis combination in the secondary two times per season.

Plus, Ochocinco will have it easy, anybody who plays for Tom Brady has it easy, just call Randy Moss and ask him where his life went after he left the Pats.

I’m not a New England fan but it sure will be fun to see those two playing throw and catch, just remember, the last time Tom had a fresh top receiver at his disposal he ended up scoring 50 touchdowns in the regular season and breaking every possible record. I can’t wait for the season to start.

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