NFL Trade News – Osi Umenyiora and the Giants Are in a Public Divorce

According to ESPN reporter Sal Palantonio, the Osi Umenyiora days with the New York Giants are almost over as the team let his agent negotiate with other teams working on a trade.


The Giants want a first-round pick in exchange for Osi, which is ludicrous to me. Umenyiora is unhappy with his contract but he doesn’t want to leave New York … of course you know the deal, the Giants don’t want to pay.


“I hope there is a chance,” Umenyiora told The Associated Press in an email when asked if there’s any chance he can work things out with the Giants. “But who knows. What really annoys me is the hypocrisy of people clamoring for my head for asking for a new deal or to be traded.”


Look at this next quote, you can say anything about Osi… but he’s right.


“Saying I have two years left on my deal,” Umenyiora wrote. “These contracts only mean something to us? Where is O’Hara? Where is Seubert? True inspirational football players. They were cut after being injured. They have years left on their deal. Why is ( Brandon ) Jacobs asked to take a pay cut? He has (two) years left on his deal.”


Apparently there are teams already interested in Osi, let me throw you the names: Rams, Chargers, Broncos, Ravens and Seahawks.


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