NFL Trade News – Seahawks and Vikings Are Bidding for Sidney Rice

Now that the Seahawks lost the starting quarterback that they had for the last nine years to the Titans (Matt Hasselbeck), they are looking to give the new guy in charge (to be determined) some weapons, that’s why they are really looking to get Sidney Rice.

Rice to me is one of the greatest NFL free agents available this season and although he had a hip injury that makes him a question mark, he still remains as one of the best wide receivers out there.

The new Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has Tarvaris Jackson on his mind as their new quarterback and considering how Rice and Jackson worked in Minnesota together, well, it could be an easy fit for both.

ESPN and the NFL Network reports that the Vikings and Seahawks are both bidding on Sidney Rice, but as you know nobody can make a serious move until Friday.

Keep in mind the Vikings already have “an agreement” with Donovan McNabb , so Rice might feel a little bit more intrigued about the possibility of joining Donovan.

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