NFL Trade News – Top 3 Losers from the NFL Free Agency First Week

The first week of NFL trades is almost over, of course the frenzy is getting slower with the biggest names already finding their new destinations. As with most trades, there are winners and losers; here are three teams that need to make something happen sooner than later:


On Friday Peyton Manning said he doesn’t want to be the richest man to ever play this game, especially if that is going to affect the arrival of better players around him. He obviously saw his team do nothing during the first week while others got really good players… so he knows the owners need to step up.


Let’s face it, the Colts were awful last season and they haven’t improved at all, in fact, their nemesis the Patriots are looking stronger every day. I don’t think Peyton will be too happy to see Tom Brady gets his fourth ring in Indianapolis, do you?


When you see your best receiver gone and your starting quarterback unwilling to play for you, you have to realize you have created some really bad relationships in the locker room. The AFC North is looking easier and easier for the Ravens and the Steelers now.

San Francisco 49ers:

It’s hard enough to have a new coach, new ideas and new systems but to have all this happen with no time to prepare is even worse.

I trust Coach Jim Harbaugh; but re-signing QB Alex Smith was a mistake. I expect results to come in a couple of years; the dilemma is that the 49ers need to win right now.

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